I did the intranquil spirit spell or I think

it’s alright, from what i’ve been learning magic spells does not need to be necessarily strict all the time, it can change and can vary from magician to magician, and it also works through symbolism. Symbolism and belief is a big part of magic and since you did something similar, it may have also worked! So congrats and good luck.

But if the intranquility spell don’t work then you can also try a love spell, contact Goetic Gods who specialize on this kind of task related to love, or manipulation. One of the wonderful things they can do is that they have the ability to change minds.

you can follow this shared post here

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I think after you casted a spell like this for your loved as I did, you just calm down, and take a few steps back and just watching them work like you would in a theatre (but with all respectful them, not on an Arogant way, not like I’m lazy to do anything you do 100% the job way of thinking)

But maybe this is my feeling only, but I feel that this spell is strong enough to make you silence for a little time.

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And in silence I mean 2 things , first the basic effect: “after you cast a spell forget about it to make it more effective”. Second this spell is not like a call me petition on a white paper, for me this spell is like trying a really exclusive food. You have to put that into a place where it should be.

I did this spell about 3 weeks ago… ill give u all the details after i get off work


Waiting for it really much.

Brilliant thread! I am planning on doing this also. Please keep us informed of the results!! Would
you mind telling us the context or situation that lead you to perform this spell??

Also an interesting think I just seen now, the grey towel I used, now has a white circle, and I don’t know what’s that but for real. The red X represents the candle place. Maybe it is because of the heat but you know ever since it’s magic nothing is so simple and everything is a sign for something.

I did this spell after I asked, belial, dantalion, and sallos for different parts of This task about my topic: bring back my ex. I also made a written contact me pact with lucifer names in it but seems like that does not worked.

These 3 I didn’t know, ever since my ability to hear and see them are 0 I did not felt anything while evoked them, I thought let’s go all in. (Or something like that)

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Others anyone experiences with this ?

Hey if you here I see you writed on an another topic that you got your ex text you. Please would you provide your steps doing the spell. Thanks

Hey i cant send you pm but want to hear your experience, please share with us.

Would you mind providing all details to me also?

Sorry for the late response! Ok so i did the intranquil about 4 weeks ago now… Heres what happenned i was heavily obssesed with my ex i wanted him back no matter what and i dont care if he was tortured or whatever… I want revenge for all he did…i read alot about the intranquil spirit before doing it and researched everyythinngg on it. I did the intranquil spirit candle at night and the very next day when i woke up i felt like 20 pounds came off me…i stopped obssessing i stopped thinking about him 24/7 its like that burden left me…i started making new friends and started to move on with my life… About 2 weeks into it he texted me and tbh i wasnt like excited or anything…i think i responded like 3 days later…he has a current relationship and told the intranquil spirit that they would vreak up before valentines day… Last week i found out they had a majooooor fight but didnt break up…and tbh it is better for u to do it and move on…i did the intranqui and evoked sallos to get me new friends and forget bout everything and. Hee definitely showed it! I know its hard but u gotta let it do its thing… I got a reading done and it said my magick is working but he doesnt know how to come back… Do stuff you like to do and forget that u ever did the spell…and refering to what people say that u feel what ur target is feeling…i can kinda understand because sometimes i feel sad or angry or whatever and he texts me so i know its working and i recommend u just read it and let it go… Remember this is a revenge spell and will not bring him/her back all happy. If you have any question feel free to pm me!


Hey I just have a few questions.

Would you share how you did the spell? Like offering , , candle Color, picture included? How much time you readed the prayer out loud?

And where you get a trustable reading? Because I wanted to have one too but have not found a trustable readers, some people said fiverr but I don’t know.

Currently I don’t know if the spell is working or not, the only 2 thing changed after the spell: i started to work a more, the lamp in the room where i did the spell lighted off.

Would be please if you answer all of this questions, thank you.

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Should the Intranquil Spirit rite be performed once or over consecutive nights?

Hey guys any updates with this spell ? did it work for anyone ? or any consequences ?

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Have done it a few times. Nothing :pensive:

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I am extremely interested in this. I have researched this, I understand the risks involved and my only hesitation is due to the fact that I have a small child. I haven’t done much spell work but this spell is one that I would actually pay someone to do for me. I have seen price ranges going from $265 all the way up to $800 plus. I’m going to have to think on this. Your post were very helpful btw…

Welcome @cristina23.

Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

@Villian did it end up working?

Anyone with results on this spell?