I can't keep going like this (cigarettes addiction)

I second Veil’s suggestion of Allen Carr’s book ‘easyway to quit smoking’.

It worked for me (effortlessly) and also for a bunch of my friends. I tried all the nicotine based cigarette substitutes, they only kept me hooked and miserable. I’m not saying it’s impossible to quit that way - but it was for me.

Good luck!

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I know he’s not really known for this, but would you consider working with Shaz (Shax)?

I’ve been smoking on and off for 18 years, mostly on. I’d manage to quite for a few weeks to a few months here and there, but I always went back to cigarettes. Until recently I’d been smoking half a pack a day and I wanted to quit but I just couldn’t, the cravings were too strong, and the habit of going outside to smoke really started getting ingrained.

A couple of weeks ago I did the Master Curse, which has you call on Shaz for the first 3 days of the curse. I know it’s completely unrelated, but after I did the curse I had a cigarette and it tasted awful. I didn’t even want it. The second day of the curse cigarettes were absolutely vile to me. On the morning of day three I quit completely. Again, I know the Master Curse has nothing to do with smoking cessation, but I absolutely feel the link between working with Shaz and developing a desire to quit.

It’s now been two weeks that I’m completely off cigarettes. I had two or three cravings during this time, but they weren’t strong enough to temp me to go buy a pack. I walked by someone smoking the other day, which would usually trigger a craving for me, but instead the smell made me want to throw up. I thank Shaz for that.

Good luck in whatever route you decide to take.

Laser therapy is a viable option, thats been on my mind as well. Ive quit numerous times, only by stress to pick it back up. Not any sttress, but a ton of stress would make me buy a pack again. Considering lungs and heart issues in my DNA, its in my best interest to quit as well.
That angelic mantra, Ive found it hard to stay high off weed and hard to choke down a cigarette, I think that is a viable option as well.

Good luck! You can do it!!

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