I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


I see a male spirit with what look s like bendy horns. Sort of like Lokis but don’t feel it’s loki. More serious of a character


Over your shoulder in the black, a clear male figure. Looks like it’s almost wearing a pirate hat and has no face… Just sunken eyes. Wearjng an old fashion coat.

E.A koetting, question about the pact with Lucifer

So like this with a different outfint I’m guessing? Perhaps it could be any Norse spirit as I have always been connected to the Norse


Yes Loki I adore him. It could be him. Maybe just a side I haven’t seen


Or my godself manifesting :man_shrugging:


Are you wise beyond your years? Like an old man kind of?


Ye-Loki has taught me well. The rule of Self-knowledge: Know who you are regardless of the lies you tell others and the lies you tell yourself


Depends, I’ve begun a path as a shaman and have begun logging everything down that I have learnt. For my godself is well-Mani.


the horns must not be horns wow . That’s him for sure


Hmm don’t see anything here


Funny how at the time of said photo I was one of the servants to the egregore known as jehova for I was a Christian at the time yet my godself was manifesting




I have thst same owl for my Hecate alter. It’s too dark tho for me to see much


Asian woman? I’m not Asian. If you can tell me, who is she?


Awh i love that owl, hopefully these are better pictures


She may be a guide of some kind. Not sure


Take a closer look over his shoulder. His left, the right of the pic.


Should I be worried about that? :sweat_smile:


You see wonderfully, now tell me what he intends to do to me, whether he is friendly or hostile. :face_with_monocle:


It’s gone, I can’t see anything now. I hate when that happens, u see something?