I can see spirit faces in pictures. Thread for selfies with your spirits


So much green in this one . And you ever worked w Poseidon?? Im not familiar w him but theres a bearded man behind you with a trident. Same ocean/water feeling.


I have never worked with Poseidon but thats really cool


You may need balance in the water element. Too much fire, air, more water


quite interesting. Are these elements influenced off from our emotions?


Yes they influence our mood and thought patterns, and actions




Usually if we keep making same stupid mistakes theres an imbalance , i know nothing about that…:roll_eyes:


lmfao I’v made sooooooooo many stupid mistakes in my life


Dear @Chakraless_magick , I enjoyed your last analysis. Can you tell me something about my older pic (I_t was taken i some months ago_), possibly you can sense changes between the two, and time. :thinking::wine_glass::black_heart:


Have i read you before? Sorry i have lots of ppl on here


Yes, but it is not so important I guess, so no problem.


Ok just wondering because i couldnt remember you. I will look at your pic


Yes i see some male faces on your clothing and an upside down pyramid on your third eye area.


I feel they are passed love ones rather than the ancients tho. The upside down pyramid is definitely a Ancient spirit symbol tho.


Sounds interesting.
Thank you so much, Sara. :black_heart::wine_glass:


Csn you squeeze mine in getting ready for work?



If ok i add one after channelling


Would you mind to take a look at some of mine as well?


Throwing this in here to see what you see


I KNEW SOMETHING WAS OR STILL IS FOLLOWING ME AROUND…jeez so let me guess…hes here to do something horrible to me? Idk how did i get him tbh

edit: i mean…so hes like just there standing…well idk…are you able to tell me more about him?