I badly need a reading on my situation to know what to do next, please help!

Ok. I desperately need someone who’s good at readings for spellwork that would be willing to read for me or exchange readings with me since I’m horrible reading for myself but good for others. And am very detailed and insightful. I simply need someone to read for me on how to get my childs father back after 3 years of turmoil and toxic drama due to him leaving us as our child was born for a homewrecker. Hes now engaged to her but we still talk when we exchange our Son and he gives me these hints saying “u had a chance to get me back if u changed the things I didnt like”. He tells me this now. But during tje last 3 years he never would…and would tell me “not right now” or “it’s over I’m never going back to u”. Now he says if I really wanted him back I would’ve shown him a reason to come back and now he says that ship has sailed even If I tried now. It’s not fair that he tells me I could’ve gotten him back when he always showed me contrary. I feel now since hell never tell me I have a chance cus he doesnt wanna put Hope’s in my head, he wants to SEE me change…I need someone who can read for me and tell me if theres truly still a chance hes open to seeing me change so he can come back or if that ship has really sailed. If there Is still a gram of hope in him, I want to immediately start skull candles and honey jars and call on Sitri. Or Dantalion. If there is no chance…I wanna continue focusing on breaking him up from the woman who broke my home. Please can someone help me with a reading as this is my chance right now after 3 years to change everything by him giving me this clue now.

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There is one that might help you. His name is Maury Povich

@faustianfrog Really dude :expressionless: no need to be a troll

Gonna change the title to maybe get some people in here willing to help

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My advice? Do both. He can say there’s no hope, but that means nothing. If you couldn’t use magick to change people’s minds on stuff like that, what would even be the point lol

So as you sweeten him up to you, and sour him on that other person, the decision will be much easier for him to make when the time comes to give you another chance. I would get started immediately, on both the love work and the breakup work - what do you really have to lose?

Of course, divination on this will help you understand the big picture a bit better, so hopefully someone comes along soon :slight_smile:

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I was just joking. It wasn’t meant to be malicious.

Still, the op made this because he or she needs help. And answers like what you said don’t help, it just wastes people’s time.


Sorry for wasting the half a second it took for you to read that. :yawning_face:

I think he is warning you based on the forum rules.

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He doesn’t seem like such a good person tbh but if you want him back, then you can get him back, that’s what magic is all about

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