How would you make someone lose their friends?

Hello all.
I have someone I care about thats surrounded themselves with some bad people and theyre getting in between us.
I’d like to do something to have them all turn away from her or cause a huge irreconcilable rift, etc.
Basically among her whole current social circle all at once.
Any ideas, whether it be through evocation or a spell, etc,?
If evocation which demon would be best suited for this work? If spell, which would you use?
And also anyone who’s been successful with a similar working, I’d love to hear about it.
Thanks for your time.

Hmmm I still have yet to try this on its own but maybe if you managed to tweak Vovin's Freeze Spell ~ from it could work @Lady_Eva what do you think?

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Looks good to me, it doesn’t hurt anyone, just drives them off. :+1:

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Hi. Thank you both for your reply. Its very interesting, I guess I can try and tweak the Freeze spell as you suggest.
What would you suggest for making two people hate each other? To Drive a permanent wedge between people, If I was to tackle this individually?

You could try binding them I prefer to use poppet magick maybe get some hotfoot powder and sprinkle it on said poppet of person

E.a talks about poppet magick here it’s towards the end


Yeah, this looks interesting. Thanks for your reply.

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