How to turn your entire body into demonic energy?

I want to have my body full with demonic power. Every atom and every drop of blood. I want every cell to be overflowing with demonic power.
How do I go about doing this?

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Well there are all sorts of methods of raising power, but afaik this isnโ€™t like a product (so to speak) that exists that you can just do the method and bam, demonic energy.

Maybe the stuff in the Path of Smoke will help?

I say this because working with Ahriman and Azi Dahaka on my chakras changed my energy significantly.


Chakras are in your astral body right?
Iโ€™m talking about the physical body

Everything exists on all planes.

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I wish I could talk to spirits. I have been trying for the last year. I evoke through tgs everyday.
I never get results sadly.

I also spend lots of time with chakra meditations, but nothing from that either

Try something different then! :smiley:

Do this method first: how to create wards.

Once you can create a ward, try making one that looks like a demon, keep the details a bit vague, just do horns and a cloak for clothing, and try evoking INTO that formed image.



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