How to summon king paimon

I heard that he is very friendly and he appears on camel

Use the search bar at the top of the page and you’ll find it.

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Thanks and what are supposed to give in return to devil after making the deal with him

Your question has already been answered (multiple times), make sure to use the forum search function or even check out the BALG FAQ.

However, he’s indeed very friendly and sometimes he does appear on a camel.

Making “a deal with the devil” isn’t something that works the way people think it works. I one again suggest you to search the forum, since this has also been discussed several times.


King Paimon isn’t “the devil”. You really should take the time to make use of the search function, there are a ton of threads about King Paimon here.


You may go with E.A.'s explanation that the Spirits are power, and Power wants to act (so this is their reward) or if you use incense/candle, offer one of them.
Some options are to call Paimon in your mind, repeat the Goetia’s first conjuration or his enn.

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