How to spot an egregore? & a few other questions

So I searched didn’t find exactly what I was looking for…

So how do you tell if an egregore answers instead of the real spirit?

What are the tells that it’s an egregore?

What makes an egregore different from a true spirit?

Is there any way to tell right away so as not to waste your time with the egregore when you want to deal with the real spirit?

Are there ever any situations where an egregore would work just as well as the real spirit in magick?

Those are a few questions I have (I’m not sure if I’ll have more later but I think that’s enough to start with when I gotta be at work in a half hr. I’ll check back in a bit to see the answers as your not allowed to play with your phone at work).

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Here is a high premium post about this kind of stuff:


I don’t think you can tell. Except maybe by asking it, and trusting the information it gives you.

Remember, remote viewers can’t tell when a target site is imaginary or physical. Another example, is that athletes can visualise (not do) an exercise and improve muscle memory. There are research papers proving this.

It’s all real to the subconscious, physical, non physical, made up or external spirit…it doesn’t distinguish.

So, for all intents and purposes, an egregore IS a real spirit. The difference it how it came into being and what sustains it. That question of it’s history you’d be best to ask it. You can ask your subconscious and it will ask it if you like. But I don’t think there any signs that would mark it or anything.


My chiropractor mentioned this more in depth it goes beyond just muscle memory (technically not but most people don’t understand fully how muscle memory works) and activates the actual muscles and simulates actual training. It’s a really fucking amazing tidbit that i can’t resist sharing so it’s great to see its being shared here :relieved:

Yep. It’s an incredibly sobering realization as it means being highly cognizant of your thoughts and experiences (something that is no longer taught) so it’s probably good to be aware of for all individuals not just those in the occult.


Truth. People create thoughtform parasites by accident and without knowing it.

E.g., (and we have posts about this on here) depression can be seen as one of these. Once it has a foothold, it wants to live, and starts to keep you depressed because your own depression and it are the same thing. This is very similar to the shamanistic view of emotional and mental states, and I successfully got rid of my depression using this model, removing the entity and essentially killing it. Addiction is another one that works well with this view.


Dion Fortune said the same thing in one of her book, and used to help some patients by “killing” their illness in the astral realm
It’s the first time I hear someone doing the same thing as she did, and it’s awesome


The one thing I know for certain is that an egregore (as well as thoughtforms and servitors, constructs, etc) will not have its own energy system and ime they don’t emit an unique energy signature. They might give off an energy, but this would be the energy that was fed into it, which is not the same thing.

A deity, god/goddess, or other types of beings that aren’t artificially created will have their own energy signature that is recognisable. Personally, when I summon forth a deity, if I was successful (and paying attention to the energy signature), my own intuition lets me know, and often they will touch me to let me know it’s them. The recognition is unmistakable - to be experienced in order to be known if that makes sense.


Is there a methodology to remove the parasite from oneself or others?

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There’s a few, check out the Parasites Unofficial Turorials megathread, or look up “Parasites 101”.


When I first entered a masonic lodge I immediately sensed a spirit that guards it and looks after it. I’m pretty sure that’s an egregore.

Is Astaroth a real spirit. I’m 99% sure Astaroth is not Astarte. I think there’s a good possibility that Astaroth could be a an egregore that took on a life of it’s own. So would it be considered a real spirit, yes absolutely.

This forum has a very well developed egregore that keeps it safe and tidy.

Egregores seem to function just like other spirits the way you’d communicate and access them.

I personally think the longer an egregore exists and the stronger it becomes the more it takes on consciousness of it’s own.

Some of that is my musing and Upg take it with a grain of salt.


Thank you
It seems like I have a lot to study here.
Do you recommend any books on the subject?

Astaroth teaches the creation of egregores.

Not necessarily. There are certain long term (and short term) corrosive forces that work upon egregores.


I thought about it and I think you’re right.

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You asked good questions, as always.

I thought a lot about the subject based on my personal experiences, therefore, they are not absolute certainties and do not deserve blind credibility.
Unfortunately I don’t have answers to all your questions, just honest guesses.

I think that an egregore does not interact in the same way as a primary spirit, however high or powerful the egregore is, it is limited in the deeper and more complex answers, but it is still as effective as a primary spirit.

Analyzing the differences between the spirits, some entities when summoned present only a certain type of light and do not have any silhouette or corporeal formation.

What I noticed is that in some of them, the brightness or light seems to emanate, come out of them and in others the opposite happens, they seem to absorb the light around. I’ve noticed this more often in certain angels.
Maybe it’s a sign that sets them apart?

I believe it’s not a waste of time to work with an egregore.
In the end, what matters are the results and whether an entity, being an egregore or not, brings me the desired results, that’s what matters.

Personally I believe that more than a third of the spirits of the Goetia are egregores, and many other “famous or popular” are also, but that does not diminish the status and importance of these entities.
In my view, they deserve the same respect, gratitude and treatment given to any other primary entity.

Anyway, it’s just my personal opinion that unfortunately doesn’t answer all your questions and makes me realize how much I don’t know and still need to learn.