How to speed up the results of pacts and magic?

Is there any way or any tips for how to speed up the results of making a pact or magic?

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Yes, stop lusting for results or you can make it take longer, so not lusting for results by contrast speeds it up.


okay i got it. I’ve already done the pacts and invocations, so I’ll simply let it go, and know that it will manifest


Thank you, i will check into this.

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Maybe a bit of a dead horse.
Make sure what you are asking aligns with your True Purpose/ True Will and your personal spiritual growth.

Make sure you do the (mundane) work to make it easier for your pact or spell to manifest.

Not as easy as it sounds (especialy with previous point in mind). But like Maulbeere said, stop lusting for results. First of all because it causes obsession which is spiritually detrimental to your growth. Second of all because the more skilled you become in manifesting what’s in your mind. The more important it is to keep your views for the future/ negative thinking and your wants and desires under control.
(Edit) The function of not lusting for results. Is to let go of your need to control the outcome and to trust the process up to a point. Only concern yourself with making sure you worked on avenues in which the result can manifest.

I’m ready to do the mundane work, I am just hoping and petitioning them to put some IDEAS into my mind of WHAT to do. I’m pretty enthusiastic about something if it actually makes sense and is part of my soul purpose. Otherwise it’s hard to care about work if your heart isn’t in it

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Yes you’re absolutely right, it gets easier if your heart is in it.
For me, if it is something I HAVE to do anyway, but doesn’t really interest me (yay ADHD). I see it as part of my sacrifice, which then tricks my executive function a little into getting off my arse ^^

You can maybe also use divination for inspiration on how to proceed.

Providing also the corespondand physical mental, spiritual, capacitys for any such manifestations and the willingnes to do your part wich will be provided intuitively to you, either your own intuition, the spirit , or tarot inquires or the combinations of all or parts of them.

Yes there is that, I am not asking the demons to drop a million dollars in my lap. I am asking them to help direct me towards the path by which I can attain wealth, and I am very much ready to do the work, I just don’t really have an exact idea yet.

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