How to prepare a sigil of Lucifer

Haha look you finally agree with me xD


Lol, I know what you mean :rofl:. Im assuming it works the same way on digital sigil (sigils on phones)

I once summoned Lucifer staring at his sigil on my phone lol

yea, it works the same way

Lol lucifer be like, bruh why you starin. Stop fucking starin

I know i’m lame, i tryed :’)

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He actually showed up quick, I assume he was rather thinking: “Well finally you decided to summon me, huh knucklehead?”


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Lol this is rather funny

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Ive called him like 5 times, prayed to him and get no answers…He must be dogging my calls . Lol

Your psi-senses are not opened so you’re not able to see/feel/hear him. When the seal starts flashing, know that the spirit answered and present with you, then state your request. Believe in your abilites and work on your psychic senses, there must be a blockage. Do meditation, work on your chakras…etc… If you use the search function, theres plenty of useful information available there.