How to overcome fear and doubt

I dont know if this is the right place for this but I must let this from my heart. For years I have known I am different and I was called a freak, unnatural, i should behave myself like others and you know i did what they say. I had to quit my job because of a panic attack ( I hate to work with people) Do you have any advises which entity would help there because I think I am not worth it to call someone?


Practice mental health exercises


I feel this. I had a job that I loved greatly but had to give it up due to stress a couple of years ago.

As well as what @NailOH suggests, in looking for mental health exercises - which is incredibly important - perhaps try to petition a deity or entity you feel close to in order to help you?

Please try to stop thinking like that. If you do not see your own worth, how do you expect others to? I am sure you are unique and special in many ways.


what helped me overcome fear was the main ritual from the Magickal Protection book. Hahabi if im not mistaken is the name of the jinn of fear in that ritual.
Hm… some shadow working would probably do you good too.


Quit this mindset. If you think you’re worthless, whoever you call may think the same.

If you can’t switch your point of view on the issue, then fuck it, go and make the facts contradict the point of view. Go and do some volunteer work. Help someone. Donate some money for a good cause like paying for ReyCuervo’s yerba mate (the best cause in the world, honestly). Things may be limited due to the lockdown, but there is still plenty you can do from your house.

But… switch the point of view if you can.


Excellent words of wisdom right here. I second this.


Also, hit the gym and learn martial arts, and see how fast you will gain confidence. :muscle:

Dont.Dont do that.You are no special.Neither they are tho.Whats wrong with being different.Own it, my friend.

Talk to a psychologist about this, please.I am not saying you are insane, insane people get put into asylym, not to an office of a psychiatrist.It can have an uplifting effect on your life.

Listen, I will tell you the bare truth.You are not worth it until you put up the work.You will put up the work, you will call the being you wanted, and you will kick ass.

However, its always good to start small.A petition there, a jar over here, a banishing over there… Etc.

I can try to help you personally, but you might be thinking now I am putting on a trap, so, start with this:


I second the Magickal Protection (by Damon Brand) suggestion. The Master Protection Ritual (which calls genius spirits who are like angels by the way, not Jinn) got me through a rather down period of my life. It can help you get out of your negative thought cycle.

Mindfulness meditation and other mental health exercises (like normal exercise) would also help.


Medidate on the Quan Yin Mantra which you can find on YouTube.

I battle with Anxiety often but at least 90% of the time I overcome it even if I have to pusj through.

Personally I call to Tyr and draw inspiration from Thor, Jormugandr, Indra, Zeus and Arjuna. If they could face the impossible, so can I


I can totally feel you. Life sometimes can be mean and many people judge us based on their thinking of what’s normal and what’s not.
Every human is born special and so are you, my advice would be to not change yourself based on judgments of others but instead do things what makes you feel good because in the end it’s only our happiness that matters,
The first thing you will be needing to work upon is your confidence, you must be lacking that because of traumas that may have happened before. Because I’ve been through a similar situation and confidence is the key to break through all the shackles that are holding you down…

If you can then buy the book “The greater words of power” which calls upon the Archangels to aid you. There is a ritual to build self confidence.
But don’t just buy because a random person advised you to, go check the reviews and all the details related to the book before you yourself decide that this is good for you.
I wish you the best of luck ahead in your life. :sparkles:

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