How to make an Egregore

Sooo I am getting the feeling that calling up a spirit is not the same as forming an egregore. how do you make an egregore? a Quality Egregore, that is.


You can begin forming them using this method:

You need to choose the qualities they’re going to have, and their appearance, functions, and if you plan to keep them around long-term, itls nice to give them a phsyical base of some kind, say a statue, vase, tealight-holder, and choose how they;re going to be hourished (best to give them a form of food they can harvest themselves, like starlight or something) - finally, decide what you wqant to happen to them.

I like to release mine to become fully realised entities, because I like to fill the world with spirits that are loyal to me, you do this by giving them the programming to be released either when their task is complete, or when you haven’t worked with them for a specified period, and bind them to be always loyal to you and to not harm you, your loved ones (insert other protected groups).


Thanks. I will definitely check this out. I wonder why E.A. did not get into this in his mastering Evocation course? I am a little surprised that he did not get into wards and making your own egregore.

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