How to create a spirit trap using a bottle and a guardian spirit?

This is for people who actually work with this type of thing.

Several years ago, I was being hounded by low level demonic spirits, so I approached Conjureman Ali to create a spirit trap. He sent me a little bottle sealed with a cork and wax and it was filled with various things like leaves, salt, twigs and other things.

He told me it contained a guardian spirit who would deal with the spirits that kept coming to me to attack me. It worked beautifully. The problem stopped fairly quickly. I was even able to see the guardian spirit and feel it on a couple of occasions. It was a being of love who had a great aura of authority.

Conjureman Ali did say the trap wouldn’t work on the spirits that were already attached to me, but that it would work fine with spirits that weren’t attached to me. He never told me what the leaves and other stuff in the bottle were, or what they were for, nor did he teach me how to make one of my own. Now the bottle is full, and therefore isn’t working any more, so it will be buried.

I tried to contact Conjureman Ali again earlier this year for another spirit trap and a reading, but despite having sent payment, he didn’t respond at all. Either he was ill, overloaded with work, or he’s died? I’ve no idea. So I’ve given up on him.

I need another spirit trap very similar to the one he made me, but I have no idea how to make one. I’m not well-versed in rootwork or similar traditions. I have a few large bottles that I can use. I want my trap to have a guardian spirit who will live in the bottle and function in the same way as the spirit who lived in the bottle Conjureman Ali made me.

What do I need to do? How do I make the spirit trap? Which spirits can I summon to bind to the bottle, to take care of the troublesome spirits?



Would this be anything similar?

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Hmmm… Not sure. Can I pm you later with a pic of mine?

It’s not really my area, I just happened to recall seeing that post, soz. :slight_smile:

No problem. But the type of witch bottles discussed in that topic are not really what I’m talking about, as far as I can tell. :confused:

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Instead of relying on someone elses work or casting for a Witches Bottle (Spirit Trap) create your own bottle and create your own casting for the bottle. I see many links and info on how to make and cast the bottle. When you create your own ritual and magical tool it only adds power to the ritual and consecrated bottle for protection.

Witches Bottles have been around for hundreds of years. The original purpose of a witches bottle was to ward evil with sympathetic magic. Deflecting the casting to the objects in the bottle, to protect a person from negative energy targeted at them.

Items you can use to create a bottle. A glass jar or bottle, with a big enough opening to put the objects in it i.e. Mason Jar or something similar. Try these items:
wood pieces
hair, fingernails or blood
rusty nails
protection herbs

Use any sharp object that would divert negative energy. First place all the items in your bottle. With each object, visualize the bottle being infused with protective energy. Know that any negative energy directed towards you will be absorbed and destroyed by the bottle. You could also write on a tiny piece of paper all the things you want to be protected from and stick it inside. Than create your own casting and concentrate the bottle.

The last items you add would be the blood vinegar or hair and nails (urine and blood symbolize yourself, they connect you to the bottle, they are a really strong element to work with in magic). Lastly seal the top. Now you should to bury it somewhere outside. These bottles have been buried or hidden under floor boards, in walls, under the porch, in fireplaces and buried outside. Wherever is most convenient for you.

As long as the bottle stays intact and doesn’t break, it should work no guarantees but at least it will be your own bottle and protection spell.

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Thank you.

Firstly, I agree, it is better to do the work yourself if possible. But don’t mistake me for a newbie, in general. :slight_smile: I don’t usually rely on someone else to do my work for me unless it’s something I don’t know how to do or for some reason cannot do. Earlier this year, I was hit pretty hard and wasn’t in a position to do something like this. Basic magick was a challenge at that point, which is why I wanted Conjureman Ali to make a new trap for me.

I’m much better now so I want to make my own trap, and that’s why I asked in my OP how to make one just like the one that was made for me years ago.

Secondly, the trap isn’t intended to protect me from negativity. I already have other ways to protect myself in that way.

What I’m looking for is to identify what was placed in the old trap, how to bind a guardian spirit to the new trap, so that it can remove attacking spirits from my living space (just like the old trap), and which spirit can act as a guardian spirit. The old trap was filled with items traditional to rootworking/hoodoo, but it had a guardian spirit bound to it that dealt with the evil spirits that used to bother me. It was highly effective. Unfortunately, the root worker who made it for me seems to be no longer contactable for some reason so I can’t exactly ask him what to put in my new trap or which spirit to contact, or how to bind the spirit to the trap.

Thanks for the explanation of how to put together a basic witch bottle. If I’m not mistaken, that sounds like the traditional European witch bottle, which is made differently from spirit traps made in the rootworking style, and has a slightly different function. Which is why I said to Lady Eva, it’s not quite what I’m looking for. When you find something that really worked, you wanna stick with that method if possible. :wink:

But if there aren’t any experienced rootworkers on this forum who can maybe help me out with some info, then it’s cool, I’ll ask around on the Lucky Mojo forum. :slight_smile:

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You can use a bowl with Swastikas on it to trap spirits if memory serves correctly. So a jar with those symbols could work the same I’d say.

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Jar with spider webs or alternatively use a sun catcher or dream catcher.

They’re not wards, that would be self-defeating. The main idea of spirit bottles is to create a home that’s mazelike and interesting, so the spirit gets attracted to the bottle, enters it to investigate, and can’t find it’s way out. At least, that’s how the spirit bottles on display in The Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft have their function described, and this seems to fit with how large and complex the contents were. They didn’t contain guardian spirits that I’m aware of.

The bottle you describe is different, it contained another spirit that was requested to perform work, I guess to attract and hold the spirits around you.

In both cases, you need a way to get the spirits in the jar as well as a way to keep them there once they’re in there. Otherwise it’s a bit left to chance as to whether they’ll go in.

My votes on filling it with lots of interest. I would try going to a dollar store, and getting lots of cheap puzzles and toys (ideally wood, as it conducts energy better),to fill it with, making a design inside as complex as possible.

This is great if you want to talk to the spirits, personally I’d rather just banish.

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In my case, the guardian spirit didn’t require communication from me. It just did its job, and it did it marvelously. I think my old trap functioned as both a fascinator and a container for the spirit to make sure the more resistant entities were removed. My observations at the time certainly pointed to that conclusion.

I examined the old spirit trap earlier today. It contains some light brown leaves, lots of fine salt, a black cord with knots in it, peppercorns, some tiny light brown and black seeds and what looks like light brown dried herbs. It’s sealed with a cork and melted white wax, and has another black knotted cord tied around the neck of the bottle.

I enquired at Lucky Mojo and they’ve pointed me to The Black Folder book, as there’s a section in it written by Conjureman Ali about making spirit traps in their traditional style (not the European style). I guess I’ll be purchasing the book on payday and then waiting 2 weeks for it to arrive to the UK. :slight_smile:

As for getting the spirits inside - I’ve heard that some spirits like to count things, etc. So what you say makes sense. But I don’t think the spirits from my enemies have any interest in counting things. They’re hyperfocused on me for the most part. Hence the need for a guardian spirit bound to the new trap. Orlee suggested I make a new wand and use it to direct my will. It’s been suggested I can use it to direct spirits to objects or places. So maybe, I can find a spirit willing to be bound to the new trap, and use the wand to direct it to the bottle? Just an idea.

As for banishing, if banishing worked for me better than it does, I’d stick with that.


Sorry to dig up an old topic, but I came across this forum while looking for something that might be what was referred to and couldn’t find a way to send a direct message.

Wondering if you ever found what you were looking for in that book and if you could possibly provide an answer on what you did find.

I had an old neighbor who practiced hoodoo, and from what you described made something very similar for me once when I was new to my craft. Sadly I’ve since lost contact with her and the jar is long-buried. I believe this would be the perfect thing to finally do the trick on the stubborn spirits that have been attacking a close friend without hurting the spirits he has attached to him. From what you’ve said it really did the trick for you when banishing didn’t.

Welcome @KammaTheGardner. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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I had already thought about creating a spirit trap, I’ll have to study how to do it, it’s always very useful.

If I understand correctly the best would be to use a kind of witch bottle or hoodoo jar and let the work to a spirit of the crossroads in order to seal the evil spirits at the crossroads and be protected from attacks that come from the front, back, right or left. from there it is easy to create a ritual and choose ingredients to attract, chain and capture evil spirits the hardest thing is to get some ingredients that can be more or less hard to find.
It’s the same principle as loa bottles, zombies bottle or headbottles where you lock a person’s mind to protect them, even if I think you can divert it is locking a person’s mind to harm them.

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Have you ever contact him again his one of the best reviews