How to Break a bind / Lust spell? Not sure what was done to me

Basically i’m An idiot and let this guy who I shouldn’t have cut me and use my blood because I was highly intoxicated (not an excuse but I wouldn’t ever in my right mind let this go down with this particular person) I know It was careless and a bonehead move. He put a symbol on my forehead … not sure what symbol it was, then he licked it off. It was sloppy. I asked him what he was doing to me he said don’t worry about it. Then I asked again he lied to me and said it would just “make me feel better about myself” I knew it was instant bullshit but I dropped it. The next day I asked him what he did again and he told me it would make me desire him more. instead of it working in the sense that I obsess over him… he started obsessing over me. Non stop calls and texts and asking to see me. I obviously am not a fan of this situation and would like to know how to cut this cord ASAP. I feel the smothering obsession and I’m not a fan to say the least can someone help. I think the fact that he told me what he did makes it lose its power but I can feel his energy and it’s aggressive.


Idiot bound himself to you. Just put a freezer spell on him…

This is popular:


This guy sounds stupid as hell. Do you have magickal experience in spells? There are several things that can be done


Thank you both for your help. I was PISSED upon waking up to realize what actually happened. I don’t have much experience I’m pretty new to all of this.


If you’d like I can pm you to help you out


@KingOfHearts616 Yes please


Half the ppl here are going to tell you to evoke an entity. Which you clearly havent done yet. Firstly magick is real and legit as anything else. So if you want it to stop, take the advice seriously. The guy linked you with his saliva and your permission. Thats powerful. I can tell you a good defense.

Take sea salt and put it into a bath tub. Or rub it all over your body in the shower. Repeat these words…

In the name of my ancestors, my gods, and myself, i call upon thee. Creatures of earth and water, come here and remove all alien magicks, and bring me back to balance and health…

Say that a few times. Clear your mind for about 5 minutes. Then rinse every grain of salt off. Promise it works and its so easy for a beginner


asmodeus can help break up love and relationship

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I mean this is what I would do


Ok, it sounds like the guy is possessed by a demonic presence of no real power, and thus the sad attempt at sloppy bloodworking. It would appear that his ineptitude to interpret his possession has led him to believe incorrectly and apply a worthless sigil upon you. Its just his energy and the demon’s stuck on you. Apply virgin olive oil in a Celtic cross formation over the original mark, and will it to purify it, actually visualizing it as a red glowing form of its original look, you can guess at it by feel if you don’t remember exactly. Picture your own application as a pure and white light, then see this light purge with absolute might the red stain upon your form. That should get that nasty mark off. NO NEED TO INVOKE OR EVOKE ANYTHING.

As for the other, the possessed fellow drinking even a tiny bit of your blood has bound that demon’s sights on you. Any normal method or prayer to remove a demonic presence should work to help there, but you will need to exorcise the boy.


A teensy teensy drop of Ammonia and a nice dash of sage incense during the bath will make the Salt solution even better.Tried and Tested.

I have seen Ammonia break magic in minutes.


Woah… I almost feel like what he did back fired if possible? He just got into an argument with his parents, got kicked out, and his girlfriend broke up with him because she caught him cheating…


Is it possible for a bind to backfire like that?

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Yeah if they believe it will or believe karma will get them or three fold law etc. Then it will because they expect it to.

I think the blood was meant to be taken from him and mixed with yours for a proper bind spell.The way he did it shows inexperience in a dangerous way.He probably got the idea from a romantic Goth novel.

Bind spells don’t even need blood and sigils if done by a well-read magician.Also I would advise the dear lady who has fallen victim to this guy to cleanse herself properly.Let him suffer on his own.


Sounds like he was using a Love Spell.
Love Spells don’t make the target love you, they change the caster to be more in love with their target, to attempt to be more compatible, and to fit the ideal guy the target would love to have.

That’s why he suddenly became more obsessed. It didn’t change you, it changed him.


Thats insane. Ive casted love spells before and I never had it this bad