How is this possible?

How is it possible for another human to communicate with me via the pendulum? I’ve recently discovered a man I was briefly acquainted with many years ago has been using black magick against me for a long time. As for any specific spells…I don’t know what he’s used! He appears to be able to answer my thoughts and see me. He can’t communicate his responses back to me unless I let him spell those responses via a pendulum chart although he can sometimes give me thoughts when I’m just waking up. My dreams have been affected by him every night and I’m sick of him raping my mind. I told whoever was doing it, I’d find them and I found him…can’t be that good at what’s he doing if I found him eh? Call me naive, I have no idea where to start to stop this. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Hi DarkestKnight

I will indeed, thank you :blush:

A door once open can be walked trough on both ways
whenever he is going trough your mind you can use the door he has opened to get into his mind and screw him up
be aware he might have defences before you reach him and you might find things you might dislike so be prepared for war, build yourself some shields and armor and have some magical weapons to make him pay
I recommend focus on his mind, never into his heart or soul cause you can find some nasty shit on there so avoid it (some nasty shit that could induce a state similar to possesion) so be aware
now if you don’t want to do this start finding the ways to close the doors spells etc, meanwhile whenever you feel his entering your mind, imagine a door in your mind and close it slapping it strongly imagine the sound not only for yourself but imagine he can hear it as well then silently turn a golden key in the door to keep it close three times and keep the key for yourself only. reinforce this by closing the door of your room gently after the first attack.
after imagining closing the door on key, repeat to yourself three times “what I close, no one will open”

Death hex him. That’d be your simplest solution. Sounds like he’s good.


He won’t have any defence against what I’ve got for him. I can take it but when you go for my family, I get more than angry. An angry person is an unpredictable person and an unpredictable person holding rage is CUCKOO…that’s me! Thank you for your recommendations, truly appreciated.

I’ve never been one for the simplest solutions and for everyone that’s good at something, there’s always someone better.

Is anybody willing to give me an idea how he’s doing this before I leave my vessel and take him apart from the other side? This man raped me, killed my cat, killed my mums dog, made my daughter lose her baby and that’s only a fraction of what he’s been doing. He’s been doing this to me, in his own words “for a joke, a fuck about and I like it.”

What did I ever do to him,…nothing. He’s been doing it for years and I didn’t know. i’d rather be dead than let him continue this and after what he’s done he has the nerve to have done this for years on top?

I will take you down here before I take you down from the other side because you have to live here like the rest of us regardless of your sick black magic shit. How fucking dare you.

Did he say that to you in person/online, or did you receive it by pendulum?

(Also, polite request - please don’t name people who are targets for your magick on the forum, could cause problems and it’s against the rules. :+1:)

The Great Marquis Laraje.

This should help:


I haven’t had contact with this man since 2003 in person. He has so many personas online I can only say I haven’t knowingly been in contact with him online either. He has many enemies on a forum I joined (spiritual forums) and that’s when I encountered him again recently. I found his energy odd and was instantly repulsed by him from him replying to posts I’d made but I didn’t know it was him until a month ago. When he told me he was doing this to me for a fuck about and that he liked doing it, it was via pendulum. I assume he’s using an entity to be able to do that?

I’m not a magician or following any path so hexes and invoking/evoking entities are not my thing. I’ll take him down here by reporting him to the authorities for what he did to me physically and I’m happy to leave and take him down from the other side. He’ll wish he was dead.