How I tore down my targets life - Worse Than Death

Could you please pm me I am new to all of this but Im needing help or guidance with information about revenge on someone that was my best friend added with benefits me and her were for 5 years and I guess i fell a little hard for her she tricked me and manipulated me for years into doing everything she wanted when she got tired of playing with me I was tossed to the side and shunned out of her life like I was garbage I am wanting her to feel my pain or honestly I would love for her to be obsessed with me and me turn her down or laugh in her face she is also married and chose to cheat on her man which he deserves better and she even got a harassment charge against me last week because all I tried to do was make her admit the truth about not being a caring friend and how she used me

I can tick every box here and then some… that youve said, and still suffering but cant channel the rage… I feel like Ive been blocked… plus its not just one person thats involved but many that are aiding… so, it seems my magic isnt working greatly… if anything sometimes I just want to dissapear to excape the pain … If only even I had justice and them feel the exact pain they did to me all these years and them live with the shame pain embarresment ostricisation lack of freedom fear etc and things turn around and this go public what they did and my innocence known, and my name cleared, and was able to live freely… that would be enough for me in that to get closure for now, because it already consumed nearly all my life. Damn I wish I was a better magician.

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How can someone attempt to defend or undue such a curse.
Or any curse in general.

You have to be a novelist or author one day. Brought a tear to my eye respect to you.

Wooowww…very impressive… how can you do that? I need to learn from you. :slight_smile:

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Can you pm me the ritual to this @C.Kendall

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No sympathy or concerns.
‘Gee, I wish I hadn’t have done that…I didn’t know that he had kids…I didn’t know that…’

My attitude is: Fuck you and fuck your kids!



Absolutely!!! Well spoken. Without regret or mercy!! Im not even sure the metaphysics would allow results to transpire with a hint of empathy. It’s the “lust for results” I struggle with. Consuming hatred is just that consuming. I physically create/muster ball of hate energy in my hands concentrate and grow in my hands and project it out onto/into whatever path I’m going with. Felling the energy flow through my fingers.


Glasya-Labolas seems a more direct approach- a calamity of sorts. Some lore sites- and this is where it gets confusing- lets just say Pazuzu’s “arch foe” is in some mythology another mask of the same being- the latter is a bitter harbinger of suffering. They are one of the same- two sides of the same coin- actually 3 sides of the same coin- its a big coin. At least in that lore. There can be great satisfaction observing the suffering of your target- no room for mercy.


This is what I intend for my enemy. Hopefully my new alliance with King Belial and his guidance will make it possible. I definitely have the rage for it.


You inspire me. Beautiful!

I’d really, really like to know how to accomplish this. I have a similar issue with an almost equally dispicable person who needs to suffer the same fate. Any guidance appreciated. PMs welcome. Thanks in advance for any help offered or given.

How did this cunt ruin ur childhood?

Oh man, that was awesome work. Please don’t get pissed at me for saying so.:smiling_imp:

Wow exactly what I needed to learn and hear thank you.

Another unmentioned but excellent reason for C.Kendall to have taken the action he did is his RAGE. I firmly believe that if we don’t take action against the person actually responsible for harming us, for our emotional damage, then we will take this rage out on either other people who are innocent, ourselves, or both. So by taking action against the perpetrator, you are not only healing yourself but you are doing a great service to the rest of us.
There must be justice.


Sorry, but what he did to you?

Think of every form of abuse you could perform on a person … That.

I’d rather not say anything else on the matter, I’m sure you understand.


I would assume you made a list of what you want to happen and then look for the demons that can do that?