How far can go impostor spirits?

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I was wondering how far can an impostor/obsessive entity can go to prove their lies to us. Can they trick us only in the summoning or they can actually give signals that prove their lies to us? If they can give us signals, how far can go those signals? Just small things around us or things bigger, like influence someone else, so this person can say something to you that will feel like the signal that you’re waiting for?
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Can you give us some details or specifics? Your questions are sort of hard to answer because they are so broad.

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I’ll give an example cause I can’t go in details of why the question, or the background story cause is not really mine to tell, so… let’s say you summon an entity, a specific demon, he come, he claim to be the one you summoned, (let’s name this demon Crowley just for the sake of better conversation). Crowley tells you a story, a fact, and you don’t believe so you ask him proves. So he gives you a lot of signals that prove that at least you’re not crazy, at least there’s an entity there, let’s say you find a ring after you had asked him for it, like I’ve said, have someone else telling you something that kind proves what he told you, have a wish granted and so on. All this is prove enough that this entity is actually Crowley, the demon you summoned? Or could just be an impostor, an obsessive entity pretending be Crowley?

There’s always a chance, but does it matter if he is actually giving you what you are asking him to? Alot of spirits go by different names. The name is not important if they do what they say they will. Are you afraid your friend is in danger? If you ask them for permission I can do a quick casting for you and get you a certain yes/no answer. I need your friends full birth name and the name of the specific demon you want to know about if you want me to do it.

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Yeah the name doesn’t matter but I’m afraid that could be an obsessive spirit or something like that, I don’t see a good reason to why he would lie. I’d appreciate that a lot. Can I PM you than?

Sure…send any questions you want yes no answers to.

Crowley is kinda problematic example…

actually right question is, what is the ability in you that you can actually get to real crowley or rihanna ?

we have had last year war against identity thiefing, and grey “soulgrouping” since they have whole system to latch imposters to you to energy harvesting, and datacollecting even pacting with fake identities…

but when you learn to use hands, when communicating, communication with “human entities” will get easier, its just not for everyone, since many people have actually so little to offer to them…

Depends if it’s an actual entity trying to be someone it’s not or a thoughtform, if it’s the former it can go decently far to those unaware, they won’t always ask for worship but they will find ways to gain power off you, while thoughtform imposter “entities” will just use whatever form of attention as they require attention to stay existing, positive or negative, it doesn’t matter attention is attention.

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this is a great thread, I agree with majority of it, although while real entities (unless theyre shapeshifters, polymorphic, etc which not all races are then they have a single form) while imposter spirits will usually try and illusion a form or thoughtforms who can change their form due to the nature of them being of imagination or appear as whatever the ‘magician’ wants.


Thank you, that’s was helpful :slight_smile: