How do you know if your servitor is around? 🧚🏻‍♀️

Hey guys. I have a quick question and maybe help as well.

I got my servitor in Etsy and I just ‘activated’ last night as it was already created. But as it’s all my first time and all, I don’t feel their presence or hear them! Of course, I know it will take sometime but I wanna just if it was done.

Is there any way you would feel them instead of me? Like if they actually active?

And what do you do for train (?) or practice for yourself to start notice them?

Opening & activating your psychic senses. Search the terms Clairvoyance (Seeing)
Clairaudience (Hearing)
Clairsentient (Feeling energy/touch)

Yes, I could do that at least the feeling aspect though.
Although you could do that also your self. If you work on your development of perceiving energy.

Here is a post that got a very good exercise (at the bottom is the updated version)

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Hi @Calcined :white_heart: thank you so much for your detailed reply :pleading_face: I will definitely search it for practice as of your recommendations.

Would you kindly have a look if my servitor is active and if he is good? Only if it’s okay. I will practice my self for sure but just for the time being!

Thank you for your help in advanced 🧚🏻‍♀️✨

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Sure no problem, I will Pm you.

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Thank you again @Calcined :sob::white_heart: I will wait for you!

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i have kinda same request …Kinda… let me know if you can help :v:


Sure no problem, although I not the most adapt in this subject. But I will help were I can. I will Pm you in a minute.

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sure thanks

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Not super unusual if your senses aren’t developed, but I have noticed with servitors, beginners tend to notice them easier than other types of spirits.

I usually tell people not to worry if they notice nothing- it’s not really a big deal as long as you put in the effort to contact them, a one way call is still a call- they can hear you.

It can be as subtle as a flash of light, the air around you feels different, or even something like if you thought you imagined seeing, hearing, smelling anything that doesn’t have an obvious explanation.

The early spiritual encounters can be really easy to dismiss as coincidental, or to not even realize they are indicative of spiritual presence.

Depends on where you got it, how it’s programmed etc. Many of mine are made and ready to go before I know where they are going, so to protect the future owners from having their servitors high jacked by random online viewers and the integrity of my work, I usually have them pre programmed as only being able to be summoned by someone I’ve personally given access to.

Others like the ones I’ve shared on the forum, can be summoned by anyone who comes across their information. Those I’ve created to an individuals specifications, also do not have any restrictions- it’s merely the ones I pre-make that have summoning restrictions.

You can task them more often, or send them to entities to be taught. Whether or not an entity is willing, is kinda hard to determine without divination if you don’t have an established relationship and can’t sense the entity in question.

I personally just task my servitors, assume they need time to learn and then give them a reasonable amount of time to complete the goal. If I don’t see results in the time like I wanted, I summon them and task them again, but usually either with something different, reworded etc.

The more you use a servitor, the better it will be able to complete your tasks, and the more likely you are to notice they came when you called, and the more likely you are to see results.

Like pretty much everything that takes practice, if you can put yourself on a somewhat consistent schedule, you’ll see progress faster- like if you dedicate to working with them three days a week or whatever fits for you.


Thank you so much @Keteriya for taking much time to explained it to me!

First of all, big fan :joy::white_heart: You don’t know how many times I have read your article before I get my servitor.

I got it from Etsy actually which pre-made one with my particular will and I just summoned it with sigil which he sent me to summoning him.

Probably I am overthinking that I am not able to sense him or so because my sense is not developed just like you mentioned above - I am absolute new.

I asked here if anyone could actually sense him or not because I am new and I was not sure if it was done.

About train / practice part was for ME to sense / hear him. I was not sure where to start.

Would you mind to PM is @Keteriya if you don’t mind? just want to ask you few things personally :kissing:

Anyway thanks a lot once again for all your energy and time that you spend for me to reply my dumb questions.

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hope your things went well with @Calcined :white_heart:

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Eh. Personal preference on how or what you do. Some of us seem to have one sense thst is stronger than others and some of us seem to have them all at once, and sometimes it seems like we develop one at a time, and what works seems to vary by person. Just working with or trying to work with spirits and servitors all on its own, will help. Otherwise I think energy work/ clairsentience is the easiest exercise wise, to start noticing things. Robert Bruce’s textile imaging can help with feeling energy.

You can, but I’m headed to nap and have some phone calls to attempt making this afternoon before I head back to where I don’t have service, so I might not see it till this time tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Ah well. I’d just give it time personally. I’m aware of a few creators on Etsy, but I’ve not interacted with them or anyone whose purchased from them- personally.

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Sweet. Your answer about practice all makes sense. I will definitely have a look at ‘Robert Bruce’s textile imaging’!

As I am still new to this forum, I won’t be able to send you the PM. If you could drop me one would be just wonderful @Keteriya :white_heart: Take a good rest and have amazing day ahead for now. Just stop me one message when you get little time today or tomorrow.

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Yes it did , thanks :v:

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