How do I contact or ask a demon for help?

formerly, I do not worship lord lucifer not the others.

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Idk dude but ah, you need to understand if you are arrogant they will humble you. They will let you know what you need to work on.

lord lucifer, goddess lillith and many others decided to teach me. It hurt a lot but it was for the best.

if you leave this paths you are understand that there is always going to be other other paths ahead of you.

You choose

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Let me tell you some possible truth lord lucifer and the 72 demons + the 72 angels exist. _How do you know that hell even exist look past the dogma that we might have started? Do not think that by summoning an angil you are not using magick, how do you not know they take you to paradise

toothy grin

How do you know that we are the bad guys?

btw I know someone is watching me with magick


Thank you Lucifer, as well as you man. I think that’s the 1st actual somewhat direct interaction I’v had with a demonic spirit. I appreciate it really

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No problem.


The first key to calling forth spirits is to believe its legit.

When you call your chosen spirit and call out the divine name after gazing at the sigil, or whichever technique you choose, you must believe and act as though your call is being heard.

If it feels cheesy or you feel like a phony, then re-asses your mortal situation on planet earth for a few minutes and meditate on that until you conclude that this whole experience is weird as hell. Nobody has a fucking clue.

Once you have your head in a mental state where you can accept, or concede without reservation that humans don’t know shit about this life, you will be in a good receptive state.

Call the spirit with you actual voice if you can, because the act of speaking is an act of manifestation and creation. It helps.

Next use your imagination to break through the veils and feel your great internal voice roar through the planes and reaching many ears.

Bottom line, make it feel legit for yourself. Don’t worry. When you get your results or something grabs you physically, the legitimacy will be confirmed.

Trust yourself.



Well I printed a paper with Dantalion’s sigil on it and meditated earlier for about 15 minutes while his En Chant was playing on YouTube. I listened to the advice given to me in the past by some very helpful individuals on this forum including Nagash. I sat still and did nothing but let my thoughts drift. I may or may not have somewhat tried to imagine Dantalion’s presence but I’m not sure if anything really happened. I heard he’s good with helping with these psychic and spiritual abilities so I’m kinda gong ho on contacting him. Idk. Maybe I just need to do more research


write a petition spell to the mighty being and ask for a sign. If they grace your presence then ask them to say their name without their tittle. You have a right to ask if this is the real them but also address the real one by what their title is.

Be respectful


Hmm that sounds like a great idea. So what do I write down on this petition spell? Do I have to speak it or use candles or something?

There is a search from on the website fro a reason there is nothing wrong with asking for help but know you need to do your part. Learn, evolve and ascend to Godhood!


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thank you

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