How are souls born on this earth?

Let’s say you make a child, has the child already a soul in them? Did they just come from their previous life? Is life but a simulation? If you make children but no soul chooses to go to live on earth how are they born?? No everyone will get this question though I think…

A very small percentage of people would have that information , I’d say if anyone answers you , they probably can’t prove it


Okay yeah didn’t think about that probably elitist people

I’m going to summon @Otherion for this because he’s shared a bit of knowledge on the subject with me. My general understanding is that the unification of opposites (male and female) opens a gate (a kind of Black Gate) through which spirits from other planes can gain access to our physical world. I don’t think a person can exist without a soul, as this would be a philosophical zombie, so I would think if no spirit comes through, no viable embryo is produced? Perhaps this is why pregnancy doesn’t always result even when people are trying to have kids. The more times you open the gate, the more likely it is for a spirit to come through one of those times and allow viable conception.

But this is all hypothetical, I don’t have evidence. Otherion may be able to comment further.


I mean if you decide to make children and the child is born that must mean at the same time a soul must have entered the baby, that’s what I was thinking that’s why I asked whether life was a simulation

Souls sit in a train station type place waiting for their body to be ready

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I mean I could explain this. But I’m not gonna let everyone poke at me and pick it apart.

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In my opinion/experience a soul already exists and is simply reincarnates into a compatible vessel for the soul. That the soul does not enter the body until it’s born from the womb and not while within it.

There’s no such thing as a soulless born individual in my opinion, and not all reincarnations are by choice so something like A soul choosing to not reincarnate that is not an issue.

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Different traditions have different takes on it. The Norse for example believe the spirit doesn’t enter the vessel in until a baby is 9 days old. Others believe the spirit enters the vessel during gestation. This model presupposes that a human is an aggregate being of flesh and spirit.

My feeling is that a vessel without a spirit will tend to find itself getting one sharpish via a walk-in. If not it sickens and dies. An anecdotal example of that happening is in the urban myths of the Black Eyed Children and what happens to the people that let them in - it’s said they eat the soul and the person dies about 6 months later.


That was random lol.

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What did he say

This is a HUGE can of worms. This is one of the deepest mysteries of “sexual alchemy” and I would need to write a very lengthy essay on this subject. I simply do not have the time to do so right now. Perhaps I will write one out in it’s own post in a few days, and link to it from this one.

The Source already knew us & our parents before we were born. The Source know all things & we were one of those thoughts. Our spirit/breath of life (from the Source) plus our body makes a soul. None of us has a previous life and no, life is not a simulation. None of us had a choice if we wanted to be here or not. We will not fully understand this Source, which is beyond understanding until we are born again in our immortal bodies.

From my own experience in study and both experience in soul travel and scrying, this is how I understand it. In the soul planes the highest dimension in what’s known as the formative plane, where the free flowing river of light and sound flows from. A eternal river of the formative essence that condenses as a fiery essence and forms all things.
From the source the ocean emanates, as it descends through the lower planes it changes, it adapts.

The further the essence travels from its origin I suppose you can say it undergoes a spiritual transmutation if you will. As the light descends from the formative plane, it enters into the highest dimension of the mental plane. Wherein the field of all consciousness exists, the light then passes through this field and absorbs a portion of that consciousness. The light tends to do this absorbing different things as it descends downward.
As it enters into the lower dimension of the mental plane, the once infinite field of consciousness takes on a individual spectrum of consciousness, a singular consciousness as opposed to the vastness of consciousness.

As it descends further down into the next plane, the casual plane it absorbs aspects of causality and memory, absorbing the memories of either past lives/reincarnation through Akashic infusion or just taking on the remnants of memory in general in the casual plane. Descending down now into the astral plane, this is where the soul becomes very unique as it randomly absorbs different energies in the astral plane.

This process is known as the transmigration process, as it descends downwards and changes over time. The light is now a soul manifest in the physical plane, which then descends into the flesh, i.e the soul enters the body/fetus/embryo etc.
Over time the individual realises they are indeed the source, separated from the source.


That is awesome @C.Kendall…you have given some great insight into this. It has filled a lot of gaps and answered questions I had.

“Over time the individual realize they are indeed the source, separated from the source,” nice comment. A branch being at one with its roots is at peace.