Hi everyone. I'm new here

Hi. My nickname is dracoblue (not my real name, as you guessed it), i’m 24 years old, i live in UK, i will say sorry in advance for any mistyping (because english is not my first language), i am working here, stumbled across this occult website that triggered my big interest (which is not the first time, but want to do something about it now), read a couple of lenghty topics from some members of this website and i am just very interested by these concepts of higher self, becoming a god, astral projection, talking with deities , gods and goddesses in astral realm (pointing out to Lucius).

As of me, i have no history of any supernatural occurrences, appearances, things, out-of-ordinary (maybe one when i was a kid-like 10 years old- when i saw myself sleeping and sensing things near me) so like a tl;dr i am at a ground level newbie who didn’t do anything, just trying to get some more insights and be taught something.I’m Interested more in astral projection and all stuff related to it.

To be more clear on something, i am a indecisive person, can be misled by any other (not all the time), and maybe too scared to try something that is “wrong” from the teachings of christianity(my family is, and i am) but also don’t want to just say this and that is wrong based on those teachings (want to balance because many have a point in that) but want to safely experience these. Gosh, i have many flaws.

I don’t want to be biased by some teaching saying the other camp(demon, angels, etc.) is bad.
First and foremost, i don’t know where to start. i looked through this website for some beginner things, but things are not so like a story (beginning and ending) but more like linking to other stuff (before evoking you must do a banishing, then that, after you do that etc.).

I will reply as fast as i can to this new thread to see what others might think of me and where they can lead me (not to that magical button that looks like a lens called “search”) Just joking.


Welcome to the forum.If you are confused on what to do first,actually I would say just pick one of them and work on it,I hope this thread will be of help.


I will bookmark this link for a quick access to it and maybe i will be getting somewhere in any category-though my prime objective is astral projection/plane/ you name it-

Thank you for this :smiley:

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Welcome :blush:

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Thanks and thank you for your time to reply :blush:

Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks a lot. :blush:

Welcome, I think you will be a great asset to the forum.

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Thanks. As for the “great asset”…ummm…i don’t know what to say…

Welcome to the forum, Dracoblue! Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Welcome to the forum, and don’t worry you’re not the only Christian on the forum. @telgega is a Roman Catholic right hand path (RHP) practitioner and I’m a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church, also RHP. In both telgega’s Church tradition and mine, there is a lot of mystical practices and space for a lot of practices that might be a little out of the ordinary but aren’t sinful.

I hope you enjoy your time on the forum, and stick around. We need more Christians, not to judge those outside the house, but because an echo chamber is the last thing any of us need. Just keep an open mind. I hope you stick around for a while.

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Thanks. I will enjoy it, like i said in my first post. ANY sort of supernatural/occult is like a forbidden pleasure that i enjoy reading/researching

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Thanks. Like you pointed, i do have a open mind balancing the Christianity teachings and all other scattered information on these “non-orthodox” ideas, which can be a long chat about whether one camp says bad about the other and vice-versa. I hope you got the idea, don’t want to leave some people reading these scratching their heads comprehending this

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