Hi E.A Koetting Request support to understand whats my vision

HI All ,
Before i start My humble apologize for my bad English
For Past few months im so serious on this i keep praying and trying my best to understand what im doing on this path But Never before i had this i have two strong vision on my dreams that i cant understand what its the first one that never get out of mind i saw three members with black dress with red eyes they said u want the master her he is as soon as they said it black arms from behind me came from and just went throw my chest
The second one is i had a empty cups like thinks im showing to some one and closing it with my hands when i open it get filled with something very next sec im walking in a dark room where i saw two gain lizards in which one try to attack me then a hand comes and draws something and the lizards forhead and it stop attacking me

It might be sound funny to read but from my side its different little scary too im not sure have i did any mistake in the way i pray or did i disrespect God i worship (lucifer)
Need help plz

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