Helping a Friend and their Crazy Christian Wife

So I’ve got a friend who is in need of help. He wants to be a practitioner of magick, but his wife is a hardcore Christian who freaks out over any amount of magick. It’s not as simple as them just breaking up and divorcing over it, as they love each other very deeply it seems. But she isn’t open to any type of discussion about it whatsoever. What should he do? Should he get in touch with a persuasive spirit to help calm her down and talk? Who would you recommend for his situation?

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So…why doesn’t he dress his magick up in Christian clothing?


Well from what I can tell he wants to work with demons which would be kinda hard to disguise. The most I think he would be allowed to do is prayer, which isn’t much. I know prayer can work, but for a beginner like him I’d doubt it’d be all too effective. Any sigils would be out of the question I’d think. Also I made some edits cause I fecked up.

He can still work with demons. Christian magicians do it all the time.

Your friend can also work astrally. Tell him to learn visionary magick, build an astral temple, and then he can summon all the demons he wants there. All it would like like to his wife on the outside is that he’s meditating (and if she has a problem with that too, he can point out all the scientific studies proving the health benefits of meditation).


Fair enough. I’ve also considered making an astral temple as because of my living situation I can’t really have one. I’m a bit curious what you mean by visionary magick. Do you just mean developing his astral sight ability? Also do you know of a grimoire that talks about building an astral temple? I’ve heard people have done it, but I’ve never seen a guide for it.

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Visionary magick is an old school term for what modern mages now call pathworking. It uses the visualisation of archetypal and elemental images to connect with spirits. Examples include the books Raziel’s Paths of Power, Goetia Pathworking, and Lucifer and the Hidden Demons.

There is a tutorial on the forum, from Lady Eva, if I’m not mistaken. As for books, I’m not too sure. It’s generally covered in most beginner texts, and I know EA devotes a few paragraphs to building one in his book Baneful Magick, but there isn’t one that I know of devoted exclusively to astral temples. However, Magical Imagination by Nick Farrell is a good book for understanding how to use the imagination for magick and I’m sure you could extrpolate the information from that.


Hmm I’m struggling to find the post by her. But so would another name for visionary magick just be a system? Are you suggesting he finds a system/path he vibes with? Like Asenath Mason’s book on the draconian path?

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No. Visionary Magick is a technique, not a system.

I can’t find it either, but here is a good guide:


What I had meant was that if you have a system/path, you are using visionary magick. I guess what I wonder though is what defines visionary magick? Is it just visualization? Also thanks for finding a post about it.

King Paimon could probably help him since he’s known to calm and persuade others.

Visionary Magick. or pathworking, is a technique that uses the imagination as a bridge to the spiritual. It is not about paths or systems, it is only a method, like candle spells, and is included as part of many different ceremonial systems and traditions. The term pathworking, for example, is taken from Kabbalah, and the practice of “walking” the 22 paths on the Tree of Life.

It is not just visualisation, but uses all the imaginary senses to connect. When you visualise a beach, hearing the sounds of seagulls, and the roar of the ocean, feeling the sand beneath your bare feet, and the warmth of the sun on your face are all part of the archetypal image So, as an example, to connect with the archangel Raziel, in the book Raziel’s Paths of Power, the first image you visualise is a dark cave. You bring that image into your mind, and then let the cave develop however you imagination conceives it as, so no one will see the exact same cave. The final image, where you meet the angel, is a pine forest, and you do the same, visualise a typical forest with as many of your senses as you can, and then let it develop on its own.

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I see. Thanks for the info Knight, much appreciated

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Well one, he doesn’t need to be completely “up front” with his magick…

Also there are ways to be able to do magick (although some may find the lack of supplies limiting) without anyone becoming suspicious. I for one have managed alot with just a note book - perfect for sigil magick, drawing spirit sigils and opening to communicate, dream journal, anything else you’d need paper for/etc.

For all the incantions/mantras/etc, you can just chant them mentally or use headphones to get into “the mindset”…

There’s alot you can do to avoid confrontation.

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Tell him christians use magick too. Everytime they hold their hands for prayer and say Amen in the end.

Where I live 3 children disguise themselves as the three holy kings each year and write C+M+B above each door, which means “Christus mansionem benedicat”, a protection spell.

The very core of this, and most other religion, is magickal.
Of course this will not convince that wife, but it can reassure your friend that what he is doing is ok, and maybe someday the wife will understand a little bit.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with doing your work in secret.