Help with dysphoria

As I’ve mentioned before, I identify as being Non Binary. I am AFAB, but I really feel like neither male nor female, sitting somewhere outside the binary.
The thing I struggle with day to day is dysphoria. The crushing, sickening feeling every time I look down, or when I hit that time of the month, or when I’m forced to present as one or the other. Words can’t really describe it. It causes great discomfort, and leaves me with anxiety and very often panic attacks. I am on medication for anxiety and depression, but this goes deeper.

Who are the spirits and deities I need to invoke to help me feel less discomfort, and who do I ask for help with speaking to my Doctor about going on medication? Honestly, that’s the scariest part. Being denied help because I don’t want to transition.


Hathor will help a lot with self-love and getting back to feeling good, she assisted me with eating disordered stuff and has helped other people since with the same after i recommended her.

Creating an empowered magickal self that you can walk into that personifies you as you wish to be, that’s something from Nine Doors Of Midgard by Thorsson.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s also referenced by the new Avatar Power exercise and even NLP where you visualise a more confident, rich, attractive You and then step into them and feel how they stand, breathe, and so on. If you can get this solid in your mind when you feel safe and positive (as much as is possible) then you will have it handy for times when physical stuff gets you down.

This has a walk-through on using magickal imagination to create energy forms: What's normal? (Creating Wards Walk-Through Tutorial)

It may not be something to use right now, but astral shapeshifting between genders and experiencing both to lay them to rest, so to speak, could help - like the shamanic exercise of shapeshifting into the thing you have a phobia of.

Also, EFT, aka Tapping, How to do the EFT Tapping Basics - The Basic Recipe | PART I For Everyone: The EFT Tapping Basics | Official EFT Tutorial - this can help unlock and dissolve old negative imprints without needing to wallow in them - at all (unlike a lot of therapies).

And demonically, Belial may assist you in simply not giving a fuck any more, he enjoys changing people’s sexuality for shits n’ giggs, but also, to empower them, here are my files on him in case they’re any use - I see him being interested in helping you no longer have this hanging over you and causing so much unhappiness and restriction of your power:

I don’t know about the doctor thing, possibly Belial, he will help break any “rules” they have about who can have what meds they can give you. Don’t forget to look up the exact symptoms they may be willing to give them for, and if you have any, mention them right away - sometimes the NHS needs a little nudge to see the obvious. :wink:

Good luck! :+1:


Ah you don’t say ? :wink:

Also OP I would also suggest working with Ishtar or Inanna as her energies represent a duality and combining those dualities to form a whole

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