Help with Cat’s Illness: advice and guidance requested

Thank you! I sent a message explaining that we got worse news and my boyfriend is moving in the middle of everything.

What you need to do is follow the instructions on this link - if things in your life are getting harder and you’re not seeing any magical results, this works wonders. Make it a priority before you do anything else.

This will help with the cat and any other chaos coming in. If you don’t have all the herbs, you can just use salt, but hyssop at minimum is best. Don’t use if pregnant though!

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Thank you for thinking of us! I will check this out.:purple_heart: I’ve been looking into more books lately to make her feel better and to get back my missing partner. I think she really misses him too.

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I would like to suggest King Paimon and share a story about working with him for my dog. I do hope that your cat is better as I am just responding quite sometime from the post. But, for future knowledge, King Paimon is wonderful with pets. I had a 15 year old Yorkie who was my little shadow and even traveled with me for work. He had a stroke and it looked as though he was going to have to be put down. I went to King Paimon and asked him to heal my dog and give me more time with him; about a week later, the dog had another small stroke that reversed the side effects of the first stroke as he had lost ability to really walk in a straight line. I was able to have two more years with my beloved dog all thanks to King Paimon.