Help please

Can servitors block black magic attack psycic attack and cut energy cords

They can be programmed to, also make sure to do some cleansing methods if you think you’re under attack.


Thank you lady eva can you put a link of most useful servitor creation

Like lesser banishing ritual

Here you go:

I don’t understand, sorry - could you please rephrase this? :smiley:


Do you have any cleasning rite for other person i have no mind eye but i have friend who will protect me but i need more info i find. Warding useful i will try in 3 hours servitor also can be made for other person do you have anything else thank you so mzch by thw way

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Try this:

Don’t worry about your mind’s eye, just do it as though you were playing a make-believe game, as a child.

Try some of the methods in this YouTube video by E.A. Koetting, the “blast with light” method is easy and effective: - YouTube

Let us know how you get on with those. :+1:


I find a way how to fix it brain i mean but i will need 5 days at least to heal my brain thank you so much for this info you are very kind i will try till i get it done whitout mind eye thank you for that

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I would recommend looking up the Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie, and studying the LRP (lesser) and SRP (supreme) pentagram rituals from it. A lot of knowledge in a few pages.

Once you have it down, can picture the pentagram and circle with eyes closed, do the same ritual over your or the persons face, and vibrate the name ADONAI ELOHEEM. Banishing or invoking. Invoking might help more unless they’re rattled easily.


Fuego thank you how would you apply this to another person who need protection

I could be wrong on the direction of invoking but not banishing. In other words, you would start from lower left, up to top. down to lower right, up to upper left, across to upper right, back down to lower left.
You then say or vibrate the name Adonai Elohim.

There is a satanic version @Uncle-Al once sent to me and @Lady_Eva, but have lost that email somehow (I think a cat on a keyboard had something to do with it).


Where. Do i find superne banishing rituals thanks fuego i heard only of lesser

You saod drawing over someone head how to do that so person be protected

Is there any limit to servitor creation like hiding toughts

Can servitors repair subtke bodies and hide toughts from mind reading i hear there is no limit of true servitor i just wondering

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You picture them in your head, then picture the pentagram over them while doing the pentagram and vibrating the name physically. The Golden Dawn (big black tome).

Thank you very much

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Thank you fuego very much is it same for lesser and supreme banishing what supreme does than lesser cannot

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Just concentrate on the Lesser earth banishing or spirit invoking. :slight_smile:

What will that do to me what the book is called that contains lesservand supreme banishing

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