Help needed for pact *serious* *introduction*

i need knowledge on actually going through with a pact making a deal for my satisfaction i need power and fortune so i can become a powerful musician and a well known gang member and respected i need my PRIDE again i have many enemies that i have to take out im seeking revenge . i have been researching demonology lately after being incarcerated i was trying to reach the beast before i was i thought it would be easier while in isolation and having lots of hate and pain in my heart because of how i got there and the situation.


Name Is Finesse

ill post a picture when i get replies why not
and im from the US

Love Yall :blue_heart::smiling_imp:

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Start with there.

We love you too until you love your ex :wink:


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Do you have any experience in magick at all?


now i feel like you know me chill


no expirence

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Then I will have to burst your bubble, and tell you that a pact will not solve your problems. It is not an instant cure all.

A pact is a binding agreement between you and a spiritual entity, and it has to be agreed to by both parties. However, as a beginner, you would be unable to communicate with the entity you want to pact with, and thus could not make a proper agreement, unless you hired a third party to do it on your behalf.

My advice would be to start slowly, with simple sigil magick. I know you want everything immediately, but this isn’t the movies and the chances of success that way are very, very low.


Get my ex back is a common theme in forum and some people is frustrated,thats all.


lol you serious idc bout my ex no more isolation taught me better :woozy_face:


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