Help identify an Entity and banishing it + advice

You can imagine white/gold light inside and around yourself, and your bedrooms, living rooms, and other rooms, and inside and around the entire house. Bringing the light from the sky down into the house, and/or just visualize the light in the house and yourself. Might work. Might be hard work.

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Idk, at this point i’m kind up to try anything.


I had a lot of weird activities after doing some magick with angels from the 2nd to 7th heavens. This is not the “safe” magick most people think of with angels. There was a bunch of strange stuff afterwards. Dark figures, movement, sounds…

A post I did here covered some of the protection work I’ve been doing…

However, for whole home, it was a bit different…

This is where Ben Woodcroft’s “Body of Protection” ritual felt quite useful. You have the star of each archangel come down into your heart, and fill your entire area (whole house and yard) with a misty shadowless light. This works nicely.

Just literally fill your entire space with this light. As it’s light from these powerful entities, you don’t have to worry too much about expending your own energy.

The other thing that was useful was the “Protect your Home” talisman and ritual from Damon Brand’s protection book.

Both of these, as well as basic banishings/spiritually hygiene, seemed to stop a lot of the weird things from happening.

In general, a lot of people — even dark magicians — tend to use archangels to clear the area. Yohach, Kalach, Michael are the typical ones… but all archangels seem to do something useful in these regards.

As Ars Aurora recently taught me, you can task Gabriel with rooting out the causes of almost anything disturbing. Then pass on the cause to another more appropriate archangel.

You can even just do basic archangel callings for yourself (such as the basic calling in the Archangels of Magick book, a nice LBRP alternative), and the archangels seem to do some daily housekeeping and sweeping of your area almost.

This is almost like your mum came into your room for a quick chat, but also did 5 to 10 minutes of work to make your room a bit nicer. Lol.

Hope this helps.

Ohyeah — and angel work can also expand your range of emotions and even physical feeling… at least for awhile. I have some emotional range issues, too, but for different reasons than you do. Some of the work above gives me much more sensitivity and range, at least for awhile. It’s not intended at all, it just happens. It’s like an interesting bonus.