Help For General reading

Hi, are there any kind souls that could give me a general reading, be it on career, financial situation or relationship wise.(I’m single).

Zodiac sign: Taurus
DOB: 23 April 1996

Thanks in advance :blush:


I will give you a General Reading. Happy Imbolc! :grinning:

I will reply tomorrow.


Thank you so much. I really needed it :blush:


Brightest Blessings.

He is the ultimate Taurus: strong, determined and practical. :slight_smile:

For your designator, I chose The King of Pentacles. Your cards were a bit of a mix. Regarding the general atmosphere of your question, I drew a reversed Empress. The Empress in this position can denote neglect, and possibly even abandonment; of a family or children possibly, but the other cards surrounding your reading suggest an idea idea or a project that was once dear to you, that you nurtured.

The opposing force of your situation was the Six of Swords reversed. When the Six of Swords is reversed, it can mean a loss of information, or having to move away from a situation under less than ideal circumstances.

This would go along with the third card in your draw, The Queen of Pentacles, reversed. She and the Empress are loving, doting mothers, and very concerned with providing and nurturing. But reversed, it suggests abandonment. Since your next card is The Ace of Wands reversed, it might mean that a business plan or job opportunity that you were excited about failed to launch, or just did not grow as you wanted. In your past, the Nine of Cups shows that you had a great hope for this project, and that this new project and new start for yourself is something that you had longed wished for, but it is going slowly. Your future shows the three of pentacles, which indicates that there is some job satisfaction in the work itself, but with a reversed court card, I would strongly caution you to be careful to avoid toxic people, and possibly situations surrounding them.

You are represented by the Ace of Pentacles in the seventh position, but again it is reversed. I sense that you want more job and wealth security, but you are being blocked, and this may be affecting your attitude and outlook. The next card, the Five of Cups, also supports this belief. Signifying the environment surrounding you, this card speaks of loss and regret, but it looks like you are now moving away from it. You have a lot of hope in your future, which you well should! The Four of Wands is the card representing your hopes and fears for the future. This card is a card of celebration and joy and good tidings.

Ray, the final outcome serves as a warning. The Seven of Swords is a card of trickery and theft. It can mean that someone will try to steal your intellectual ideas, or take credit for your hard work. Since most of your cards center around the birth of new ideas and job opportunities, I would strongly advise you to be careful of people in the workplace. Don’t shut yourself off, but back up all of your data, and keep hard copies of everything that you have worked on. Keep your head on a swivel!

I wish you well, my friend. Be well, and be strong. Please let me know if I can help you any further.


@diogenes Please be aware that, as a new member of this forum, you are not allowed to provide readings for others until you have been an active contributor to the community for at least 90 days.

Doing this is in violation, so please do not do it again.

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I apologize! I am so sorry.


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