Help against Magician!

I’m amazed as to where you placed the first full stop… Try to make some paragraphs next time, your text will make more sense and it won’t scare people away…


I havent encountered a narcissist before but he fits the profile I can sense these stuff. I like Belial but I got myself into trouble with the Demons called 30+ a newby mistake dont know which ones like me I will call the again in the future. He said that Valek is in my shadow and I he will begin to torment me and be in my dreams which leads me to believe he told valek to atack me I dont think a demon is that dumb out of nowhere to atack without reason my room has 2 altars of Michael and Innana I wear a pentagram my whole apartment is full of protection pentagrams from 6th book of moses. If he sent me this demon how should I proccede shoult I evoke the demon and demand that it stops what its doint give it and offering and send it to the sender or just say to Michael to get rid of it and bind the sender

sorry ^-^

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I probably wont make friends in the occult world again its like you become a target instantly- in my youtube chanel this is what I look like :smiley: I wish Koetting did this to its funny how people react to it!

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Maybe it is Spam but I believe there is no reason to protect yourself from something magical. Be careful with non magic things in this case. He can’t “call” anyone.

if I put his fb pic here can you guys sense if he is strong or something

I think that’s against the forum rules

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@Angelology is correct. This would be against the rules, particularly this part:

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um…block a bitch.
Sutekh, what say you?
S: Vile (other person). Is he thirteen? Why is he even entertaining the guy?

Kingy, block a bitch. Sutekh thinks he is nasty. I think he is psychopants.

@DarkestKnight my first catch! ;D Chris Hansen here I come


The main reason for telling you this, is to make you afraid so you attract bad luck and do all the work for him. If he really could send a daemon to attack you, he should not tell you, so that you can’t counter it.
Narcs being narcs, they are very lazy, and rely a lot on headology (psyching people out), which means it’s unlikely he would bother putting enough effort in to do any real magik.
He didn’t even phrase this right - to put the spell in the future shows he himself doesn’t believe it worked, doubt seriously inhibits workings.


I don’t think he can, You can do a divination to find out. Ask for a scan in the scans and swaps thread here if you like.

Banish and cleanse anyway, if it makes you feel better, that’s always good. Set up shields and wards if you like.

If it were me, I might well evoke Valek … wait … Valak?? as in, recently was a nun in horror movie, “Valak” that isn’t even a real daemon, Valak?
I seriously doubt he’s actually connected to the real Valac, a demon from the Lesser Key of Solomon that is supposed to have inspired the movie character… with his name spelled wrong.

There you go, evoke Valac and ask.

Huh. Anyone know if Valac even sees itself in the move character? I don’t want to say for sure he isn’t but it seems a bit of a stretch, and really, representing a high level entity as a mindless zombie nun seems too insulting, but maybe he has a good sense of humour? I don’t know.

The movie the Nun is a joke and has no bases in reality. If Valac has been summoned you will know it as he is extremely malevolent and popular for baneful castings. Most people that warn to include naming the demon being cast against you is a sign of someone of limited powers if any at all… Total psych job!


Yeah, nah, nevermind.

The description of Valak alone says he’s not ideal to send after people if you want them hurt - there’s quite a few better options to choose from first… which goes to show this was from the movie and this "magician’ is… not a magician.

Here’s what the Lesser Key of Solomon has on Valak
(I’m saying his name so much I’ll probably start talking to him myself soon, seems to be how it goes with me)…
he’s cool! and he’s got much more interesting stuff to him than a petty curse.

#62 VOLAK, or VALAK, or VALU, or VALAC
He is a president mighty and great, and appeareth like a child with angel’s wings, riding on a two-headed dragon. His office is to give the true answers of hidden treasures, and to tell where serpents may be seen. The which he will bring unto the exorciser without any force or strength being by him employed. He governeth 38 legions of spirits and his seal is thus:

My vote: you can, and should, completely ignore this nobody, he’s not just exagerating what he can do, he’s pulled it out of his arse.
The nastiest stuff he can do to you will be normal shitty human stuff - take precautions and get him gone.


Thank you everyone he is probably a psichopath he wanted to go to the woods with me on a 6hour trip Im glad I didnt he could have killed me who knows.

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Maulberre is 100% spot on. This guy is highly likely a malignant Narcissist. Ignore, block, move on.

They try and get into your head and work on your fear or what they think will trigger you to pay them more money.

I had one try it with me some years ago on Facebook :joy: He asked for a photo of me to ‘bless’ as I did not use pics. I sent him someone else I hate from work and when I refused him money for some of his oils, he threatened to curse my photo. lol.

Just stay away from this guy totally , forever.


Very crafty. You should have spotted his ploy and avoided him. Just send me a photo for a blessing, no way. I have also dealt with several individuals thanks to hyper-connectivity parasites who are able to turn in fraction of a second and mindlessly converge on whatever prey presents itself with social media, whether the target is deserving of the attack or not.


I did spot him… thats why I sent him a photo of a work colleague instead who is an awful person… I figured kill 2 birds with one stone. He can hex her and then jog on :joy:

You get these charlatans selling fear to people all over the internet and the Media even. The Local Church is just as bad for it to get donations. You are going to Hell ,so a donation with go in your favour…

There are so many personality disordered people out there, no wonder I lead a solitary type life.

But OP needs to remove this parasite and the quicker the better


haha he told me he would get rid of the demons I summoned he said he is stronger than lucifuge :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: well he didnt do anything I suppose they are still watching me I saw now what a fool I was and I totaly annoyed them I said that I will call them in the future when I am ready I am fit to work with angels and godeses now angels because they are more civilized and godeses because I love women :smiley: well I dont know but some entitiy is doing something to me internaly like my old self died and I am a new being I feel very happy.

I must admit when I bring them into my life I brought 30 of them some made fun of me some tried to help me some tried to change me some taught me things basicly I brought hell into my life that was my fault because I did not have enough knowlege how to approach them I approched them like a pussy and they treated me that way :smiley:

Yes!!! I thought I was the only one whose eyes were bleeding

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