I have practiced magic in my life. I found this place due to the way people are exposing fake prophets and I think that is good that somebody is doing so.

I have an entire book written by an archangel. I don’t want to go into details, but I am interested in knowing more about other people’s involvement in magic here.

What do you view magic to be? How does it work for you? What got you into this? Do you believe magic is meant to be used for that old cliché personal world domination (and that is some people’s cup of tea), or to bring people together?



Please tell us a bit more about your practice.

You claim to have “practiced magick in your life” but you haven’t really told us anything about what you practice, nor how long you have practiced nor what you have experience in.

You have this list of questions for us, but have successfully told us nothing about yourself.


Well, for one, my magic is priceless, and people do not believe it when I tell them anyway. Beyond this, I find that everyone’s definition of magic is different.

Some people think magic is spells; some think it is lucid dreaming; some think it is creating a highly advanced piece of machinery; some think magic is illusionism; others believe magic is sorcery.

Since introducing myself is a requirement for you to interview me as a “fit” for the community, I see it as ill conceived and backwards to believe that it is my job to tell you what I have to offer when the reality is that your community is here to tell new arrivals what they are coming into, and what is expected of them.

I am interested in magic in all of its forms. How could I possibly go rambling on about the vast world of magic to an entire room of highly diversified people with a pre-existing culture on such a subjective topic?

That feels like an interrogation, as if I am being dangled around like a show-horse to decide whether you want what is mine or not. Surely you have pre-conceived notions about what you want from me, so by all means tell me what qualifies for “magic” so that I can at least see if I can hit it off with anyone.

If your expectations are always that: “You’re a newbie, you get to be a show horse and tell us all about yourself so we can judge you,” rather than, “we are a community so let’s introduce ourselves that we can connect and help you open up”—then surely you have a very narrow mind about introversion & extroversion, and how ice breaking should and should not work.

I play with magic; I have an exclusive book written by an archangel I have spoken with. That is introductory enough. I am not going to go revealing the deepest darkest secrets of power to be spat on, told I am stupid, not good enough, my magic is fake, I am a fraud, nobody cares, and endure seething rejection just because you’d like to evaluate newcomers like they’re pieces of meat.

Surely if you’re going to be hanging upside down stars and using the word “Darkest” in your name, then by now you know the value of discretion—so either you don’t, or you’ve taken me for a fool.

We ask such questions so as to have a basis for offering answers to questions asked, and to weigh any advice given. It’s pointless to tell someone to evoke a particular spirit, if they have never evoked before, for example. Asking someone about their experience helps us to evaluate how to best provide useful information.

The fact that you took issue with it, and got defensive, says a lot about you. We get a lot of fancy claims here, so to say you won’t reveal any “deepest, darkest secrets” of power is nothing new to us. We get such things daily.


Welcome to the forum.

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I don’t see how you could provide useful information. At this point I have never had success in magic without a group invocation, with the exception of dreams or meditation—but that isn’t the same as direct communication, even if I am a clear channel.

As for Purple’s quote about “how our principality is going to be received here”, you are specifically right—and you at least have some credence of respect from me in that public reception of a principality is very serious. Again, this is very different for new people; the people here have already been welcomed, and received.

I have learned long ago through what felt like an eon of rejection, that it just isn’t your business to know my business until I know you & trust you. Remember, you’re the gang of cats I’m just the kitten.

And rejection of my principality is too much to endure; I’ve ate that rage so much I could eat no more.

We don’t know you dear stranger. This is online magical family of sorts. It as it own way of doing things.

The site owners have their rules for good reasons.

Our introductions are already in this forum, the rules apply to everyone. So if you like to learn about others, or at least where they were when they first joined BALG, you can simply check them. They’re not hidden after all.

I really hope you’re not expecting 10.000+ members to come to you to introduce themselves… That would be a huge spam. :smiley: It’s easier for the newcomer to do the first step and introduce, as you are 1 and we are many.

With that being said, I’d link you to the forum’s rules, please take some time to read them.

Keep in mind that there is no metaphysical exemption to these rules.


That literally never happens on here (though it does on other forums) because, for a start, as you know from the PM I sent you earlier, members are part of the moderation system of this forum, and also, we have strong rules against demeaning people.

All of us were beginners once, this is a beginner-friendly forum, and new members at any level of experience are welcome.

Please remove the chip from your shoulder, dip it in some guacamole, and make yourself at home, by doing an intro that talks about you as a real person and not all this verbose stuff that gets us nowhere. You actually described the purpose of our intro rule here:

if you’re still not intending to follow our various rules, that’s fine, just let me know and we can not waste each other’s time any more. :+1:


I don’t have to answer to this power trip. I followed your rules. I introduced myself, I told you that I use meditation & dreams and I asked you to introduce yourselves to me. I consider you extremely offensive at this point; like you’re trying to attack me, that’s what it feels like.

“Please introduce yourself and tell us what practices you use.”

“Oh, not those practices; you aren’t good enough, and also you aren’t allowed to ask people to introduce themselves here to you—you are offensive, rude, we are being nice to you, nobody owes you anything, and you’re wasting our time.”

I’m beginning to see that the whole upside down star on your forums is exactly what people use it traditionally for: To abuse the life out of other people and play a victim while you’re hitting them.

Literally no-one said that to you, or does say that, we have people here who believe in tons of freaky things…

I think we may have some info here on why you have a bug up your ass about the replies.

What do you mean by this?

So offensive, clearly a personal attack :joy:

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I want to know what the comment about upside-down star means, it was the point-up star saw all the killing-for-kindness in the 20th century. :thinking:

The upside down star is the sign of killing for kindness, actually. Publicly it was depicted as an upright star, but if you look into the military you will find that both the aerial streets of Washington are lined with upside down pentagrams & the pentagon is the inside silhouette of an upside down star. Black magicians are constantly working in darkness then advertising their actions in the name of beneficence.

I could tell you what the upside down star means, but I am more curious as to why you are drawn to symbols you do not fully understand.

Wow, condescending as well. Feather in your cap there! :+1:

I would agree with that, but we can’t do politics on here any more, you can read about that here: [Peace Treaty] Community Unity - No More Politics

I’m not trying to kill you for or with or by kindness, I think you’re a bit annoying but no big deal, you probably think I’m an idiot as well, we’ll both survive and thrive - just asking for common sense about being on an internet forum, and not acting like a jerk about our rules and good-faith attempts by members to help you settle in. :man_shrugging:

But whatever! :frog:


Best to try and play nice. I am not trying to offend anyone. I had a similar approach to my first intro and it didn’t work well for me. I’m only trying to offer some advice take it or leave it.

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@anonymouse To me you seem to be missing the point of the intro and forum. If you are this shy and introverted you should not post on a public forum that thrives on public discussions and debate. Just applying some logic and common sense.

My solution to all this is that if your just conducting some research and want to learn different magical techniques or are curious about a subject you don’t have to formally join the forum, you could go to any thread on any given subject without signing in or participating and just scroll the subjects and postings. You could also use the search engine and come up with hundreds of answers without signing in or joining.

Especially if your taking a college course or writing a book and looking for background material.

Just an attention wh… vampire. Next.


Projection won’t work with people who are beyond you. As for those who are attempting to paint discretion & autonomy as nervousness & timidity, the reality is that I’ll speak when I choose to speak. End of story; at this point you’ve read enough about me, and nobody here has expressed any level worthy of more despite the abusive egos you uphold, the gang mentality of reinforcing your delusional egos, and repetitiously attempting to brainwash someone you hope is weak-minded enough to crumble under the pressure. You should really learn how to welcome people, because right now it’s clear you love to play mind-games of harassing them and then all resorting to angry accusatory condescension and offense disguised as defense to scratch your sadistic itches. Don’t know you, don’t care—and I wouldn’t even be friends with you in real life, let alone lavish you with my written words.

Again if your hostile and unhappy about the forum, sign out, and simply go to what interests you on the site. Problem solved.

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