Hello there

Hi there. I’ve always been interested in psychic development and remote influence.

Have a great day!


Welcome to the forum.

To qualify as a proper introduction, we require more information than just a hello. Please tell us more about yourself.

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Sure. I live in Southeast Asia. I am interested in remote healing and remote influence plus general aura work. There are a lot of invocation type of magic work, asking local deities and spirits to help, here in this region. Nothing wrong with that, I do ask for assistance when I am in a deep problem. Psy work and results from the self trained individual is my preference.

I am working on going into practicing a stable theta state. For now I get into deep alpha from time to time.

I am very new to getting a tune in on a faceless/unknown person.

If there are fellow members who like to discuss or practice remote work, you may give me a buzz.


Thank you, and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome @Psyduck

Whats remote work? sounds intresting (:slight_smile:

Hi magnus, I got into interest in remote work from Jose Silva from the silva method. He believed we baseline humans can heal others and do many other things. Then stumbling around the internet there are many uses for remote influence and viewing.

Welcome @Psyduck! I’m very interested in aura work as well. I think you’ll find all kinds of knowledge here.

Thank you @Khat