Hello! new to the community

My name is Lillith Morningstar (literally,i had it changed to that) I’m 31,nearing 32,and I live in a backwater place in missouri.my passion is the weird and unusual,and to gain strength by breaking tradition (more so the traditions that people hold onto without knowing why)


Welcome. Breaking traditions sound interesting…what kinda traditions tho?

the kinds of traditions where people abstain from something without actually giving the due diligence. like how the common white magician refuses to work with negative energy,even though negative energy,properly harnessed,can heal. i suppose this modus operandi comes from the fact that i beleive in doing good no matter the cost. much like how many medicines in the modern day are made from poisons that can heal in tightly controlled amounts but kill otherwise

Hi, please tell us more about your magical history.

Have you practiced before? If so for how long?

If you practiced what systems of magic was it? If not what are you interested in?

I feel ya on the backwaters missouri part. I too am in missouri, im about 30 min east of Kansas city.

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Thats interesting.

ive been practising off and on for almost twenty years,but it was in 2018 that i started an interesting sort of practise,mainly a sort of polytheistic satanism based chaos magick. though more recently,in the past couple of months ive been formalizing things,writing literature,taking down notes and so forth. it might turn into something else entirely.i cherish always being at growth and never at rest,as life experience has taught me that being complacent means certain doom

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Hi Lilith, welcome to the forum. :wave:t5:

Thanks for answering my questions and welcome to the forum.