Hello! Just want to introduce myself

hi, i’m new here, i just want to tell a short story of myself to get started.
I’m 26y.o male from some asian country, i was Christian but now i consider myself as Agnostic, i’ve been in ministry and yeah it’s weird to be here, because this forum is really contradict my previous believe.
for you that wondering how can i ended in this forum is because i have ex gf, she lives in another country, i don’t love her anymore but i have really huge sexual attraction to her, so i started learn about psychic seduction and stuff that related to that, until i found this forum, this concept of magick really interesting to me and i want to learn it, so just a humble question for fellow forum member, how can i start?
and another thing about me: i’m a spiritual guy, very sexual and full of lust (that’s why i’m not Christian anymore), and i’m a musician. thankyou in advance!

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Those last sentences gave me the giggles. Christianity + Lust = X
I was also Christian at first until I realized I actually know nothing. That’s why I feel you man.
How to get started? Well use the search button! There is a lot of interesting and helpful information in this forum and wanna hear the best part? IT’S FREE !!
I’d suggest you take a look at this thread started by Lady Eva (who is a moderator in this forum):https://forum.becomealivinggod.com/t/unofficial-forum-tutorials-directory-beginners-check-this-out/50270/28

as well as this helpful post by Mika:

also this:https://forum.becomealivinggod.com/t/a-how-to-lesson-seeing-auras-interpreting-colors/5757 which is about learning to see auras.

Of course these are just some threads that I personally find interesting and have bookmarked. That doesn’t mean that you read them and you’re ready.
If you really want to begin your adventure in the LHP I would advice you to buy E.A’s courses. I know they are quiet expensive but are a true masterpiece.
In any way, the most important part is your own research. There is no one way in magick.
In my opinion you should first learn:

-Energy work
-Sigil magick

and then move forward with evocation/ invocation , pact making and other stuff you may wanna learn. Hope I helped…

P.S You can also search for a mentor here. There are some users that offer free mentorship.

WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!! :grinning:

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thankyou so much! i find your reply very helpful :blush:

Lust and love are a bit of deterrent to spiritual awareness I think but they’re not wrong at all. True Christianity is shagging all and sundry IMO.
Still, welcome to the forum. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of useful info here.