Hello from Brazil (intro)

I’m in the occult like 10y or so, but no much practical experience.
my next step is Andras to fuck with someone who tried to kill me

sorry the English

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Welcome to the BALG forum!

You said you have not much practical experience, so are you a complete beginner?

What magick have you tried? An evocation of a demon like Andras is not exactly beginner friendly so please tell us what skills you have so we can offer pertinent advice to help you :slight_smile:

i have tried goetia in the very beginner, them sigil, servitors
last year NAP.

i have tried Andras in 2015 to break-up a couple, and in the same day they break -up
tried again in 2017 same thing, not in the same day.

End of 2017 i moved to shem angels, but lack of money to make BoM table (book of moses) or Trithemius


Thank you :slight_smile:

Did you have success with the things you tried, the sigils and servitors and NAP?

When you say “sigils” do you mean the Chaos Magick type of sigils?

Chaos Magick sigils was for job, so i cant tell if it work, or just got called but i didn’t get the job
Servitors i tried to help myself in astral projection and write a book, no results.

NAP was to win a computer against like 5000 people, other guy near me win it, like two neighborhood apart, most people in it was from the south part of the country.

so pretty much random, should i try to break-up ppl again?

Edit: Nitika for cash my father have rented a room, and now he gives me the cash, and I’m like 25… he should keep it

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Sounds like you have had some near misses so that’s a good sign.

You might need to work on your focus from the sounds of it. Do you meditate? Do you know how to enter a sufficient trance state?

Take a look here for some techniques that might be helpful:

Thanks for the help. gonna look the tutorials

i know how to, but i didn’t meditate very often.
Had some dreams, theres some share dream experience topic? gona search

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

This will help you as well:

And yes, there are many dream threads :slight_smile:

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