Hail, and Well Met!

Hail, and well met!

Who I am…

…a word nerd, writer, geek, Extreme Fan of Cats (the animal, though the musical is appreciated too), tea drinker, avid reader, spiritual adventurer, meditation junkie (and flunkie…I have an atrocious monkey mind), yoga fiend, and Lover of the Arts and Science (and of the science in art, and the art in science).

Why I’m Here

…Because I’m compelled to be here. After a few months resisting the call (and yet frequently tip-toeing back to take a peek at that which I was resisting), I’ve decided to join…Perhaps you know why I’m here.

What I Want
…Simplicity, elegance, contentment, and stillness…nothing unachievable, and yet nothing easy.



In all of that, you haven’t told us anything about your actual experience. Do you have any experience in magick?

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Welcome to the forum.


You wan’t to calm that monkey mind of yours and focus in developing it for a force of good in the universe, thus the universe will become good?

Much you have said but said not you much :slight_smile:


How remiss of me! I experience (enjoy, indulge in, am awed, and am often bothered by magickal experiences (clairsentience mostly, precognition, manifestation, synchronicity, energy/aura sensing, and welcome/unwelcome visits from spirits), though in terms of actual practical, active magickal experience I have none, and am in no particular rush yet to acquire this experience. At this stage, I’m content to gather, collate, synthesise, and hoard the collective knowledge of this wonderful tribe of souls.

Perhaps I ought to consider a career in politics.

Jokes aside, I routinely offer non-answers in day-to-day life and find the recipients positively charmed by them. I offer one non-answer here, and am called out immediately. I like it. I think we’re all going to get along splendidly.

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The monkeys could do with a good, solid dosing of spiritual Valium.

Regarding the universe, it is big enough, and old enough, to take care of itself. I have no desire to impose my incredibly limited view upon it, particularly not regarding a concept so fluid and transient as “good versus evil”. That being said, I live by a very rigid moral framework, though I recognise that this is shaped by my experience and is thus rightfully different to all other equivalent frameworks.

What I am interested in however is having this self-proclaimed “limited world view” tested and challenged. I enjoy applying a rigorous scientific approach to my beliefs and experiences in order to facilitate growth.

So please, anyone with an insight, challenge away, I am most receptive.

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Stick around, call on a few spirits, watch them roll up their sleeves to test & challenge your “limited world view” and come back and tell us what happened…

Welcome to the forum. :wave:t5::grinning:


I was kidding in my posts to you, I like your style!

How do you see yourself being tested. Why do you consider your world view limited?

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Welcome to the forum you’ll fit right in :wink:

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Welcome to this family.

Have fun and learn lots.

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