Had an Experience with Asmodeus. Could Use Some Advice

Hello everyone. Im very new to the Goetia and spirit invocation in general. Ive only called one other demon before, who was Furfur, and despite being accompanied by thunder and storms his presence seemed quite mild and friendly.

Last night while using my scrying mirror I called out in my mind to any spirit that could hear me and I got a reply. He said he was Asmodaus and told me to look him up in the Goetia so I did. I realized I had been coming across the name for a couple of days and even came across it a few more times shortly after this experience without ever intending to. I tried to focus in order to make my will known to him and he said to me “Cease your desires! I am not here to grant wishes! I am here to test you. If you pass you will have access to all demons under my command.”

Basically he had me perform 3 acts as quickly as I could, one right after the other. I wont go into details but they were acts that almost immediately put me into a state of heightened elation. I sat in front of the mirror again and heard his voice much clearer, almost as if he were actually in the room with me and physically speaking. He said “This is the key to spirit communication. States of ecstasy, when focused, will open the gates.” Then he was gone. Just like that it was over.

I had never learned much about Asmoday beforehand so once I started looking at sources online and saw that he is usually one of the more… intense spirits in the goetia I got a little nervous. He didnt seem like the type to give something for nothing especially having not been summoned. I am appreciative of the lesson he gave but should I take precautions when summoning from now on and if so where do I start? Or is this an example of a demon just being helpful in my time of need? (I had been thinking on how to communicate more easily with spirit lately) If anyone can shed some light on the situation I would be most thankful.


If anyone has had a similar experience with this guy please share. Considering a proper invocation but still hesitant.

I can’t recommend him enough. Yes he’ll test you, but if he came to you I think it would be unwise to waste this opportunity.


Only good experiences with him.


A Calling from Lord Asmodeus

He has come to me earlier and throughout the past month-I had no fear of demons but I just had no interest in working with them, he is helping me out with controlling lust as you can see in this post. His power is immense, intense and powerful. He indeed means no harm but you must give back something in return. He told me “Make sure you give me the offering when you are able to”. Hell, he’s even seeing this through my eyes at the moment.


he had me unlock him from a cage of sorts? some folks brought him into my realm months ago. I think he was pleased that I thought to use reversal magicking on them. could that be a thing? I look forward to working with him

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Reversal magick is a thing, he’s also big on deflection or using someone’s attacks against them. He’s very complex and a pretty hands on mentor. I can’t recommend him enough, he basically covers everything and is very warm and pleasant to work with. Will let you burn your hands if you keep touching that hot stove, but he’ll totally tell you where the salve is afterward.


Mano fuja desse cara.
O deamon é o pior dos 72, a maioria que diz que já trabalhou com ele mente, pois ele vê a raça humana como uma minhoquinhas e vai de fuder de algum jeito.
Deamon não é nenhum fadinha não, principalmente ele

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Good ol’ Asmodeus!
He’s amazing, and yes he tests you but for your own good.
Oh and he just got an incredible feeling for humor



When I finally set my mind to enter into the occult full force, the first 2 spirits to come forth were Belphegor and Asmodeus (although looking back now Lucifer and Lilith were there too I just didn’t recognize the signs). So you’re experience with him coming to you almost out of the blue is very similar to mine. His name would be said in my “mind’s ear”, his image or things about him would pop up seemingly random but placed just perfect for me to notice. He even intervened on a spell in which I did not send him to do (clear confirmation of this after the fact). I guess don’t set up a small temporary altar in the room next door while doing baneful “chaos” styled magick! :laughing: My suggestion is if he calls to you and you feel ready to jump, then do it. Spirits, like demonic Kings, don’t just come to you for no reason. There’s something there to teach you.

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I can verify that from experience. Ditto on all parts.

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I wouldn’t say you need to take precautions but an offering is the least you could do for the help you received.

Yeah he’s intense but i like it. Makes communication easier though. If you had problems with this before, i think he’s a good one to start with. He can teach you a lot of things.

He drove this point home by having tons of jujitsu related things thrown my way. Videos, references, physical gyms I would just happen upon.

What did he make you do? As I desire to trigger those states of ecstasy that are needed. Any advice you could give me, or anything he passed on to you to trigger those states? Thanks.