Greetings all

I have been steering back and forth to the occult/left hand path my whole life and for the last 2 months I have committed myself to opening the door and not running away.

Why run away, not sure. I think its a combination of things, I had a very profoundly negative experience when i was young which sat with me until now, never the less. Im here =-)

I have briefly touched on Norse/odinism, research but no practice.

Off the mark i completed a Invocation with Lilith, which I feel was very positive.

At this stage I feel so goddam apprehensive about any sense of ritual magick and i don’t understand why, almost like a sense of dread, sorry if i sound like a pussy, sorry ladies but yeah.

Any advise on where to now ?

Also, does anyone know or have any info or opinion on a Caulbearer ?

Something I read.

Much Love

Try creating some wards maybe, so you’ll feel safer? Walk-through on that here. :smiley:

It’s normal to feel some fear, this is breaking open the old reality and introducing a new one, it never really goes away either if you’re constantly seeking out newer and bigger challenges. :wink:

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Thank you Lady-Eva

Its almost like a feel a calling but the moment i answer it i shy away, but i will do the wards.

Try creating some wards maybe, so you’ll feel safer? Walk-through on that here. :smiley:

Thank you Lady, this was very helpful.

If i am understanding you correctly in creating the Ward/servitors i would be responsible for them everyday and not only for the ritual purpose ?

If you’re not ready to commit then you’re not ready to become an occultist, at least not yet.

Crack more books, trust your gut. You’ll feel ready when you’re ready.