Guidance - Belial

Need guidance from seniors; I m trying to communicate with Belial, in past I got some signs too which I posted earlier.

Recently, from past few days I feel some presence near me. And yesterday I felt I saw someone with black leather trench coat but only waist level only. (Am I over imagining?)

One other thing I don’t know whether I m doing right or wrong but I do it as I feel comfortable. While working or whenever I remember (most of my awake time) I keep repeating Belial’s enn.


Did you try to search a bit and not be lazy. You write “Belial“ and you will see plenty of post about him :laughing: but I will not be so hard and I sm sharing this litany of Belial to help you to connect better.Good luck!

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try drawing his sigil, and putting it in front of you where Belial can manifest, chant his enn in a private place while gazing at sigil

Thanks @princessofdarkness for the information. Yes I did search for the information and did read quite a few including one from @Lady_Eva. What I was seek is to know what’s happening right now me and m I doing it right.
Anyways thanks once again.

Yes @StrengthenedWarrior what you suggested I do that and have even wrote about it in my earlier post. Thanks for helping me :blush:

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Keep working , everyone’s results are different

Thanks @NailOH for the support.