Grieving after unauthorized Spirit Husband Release

I had a reiki healer who took it upon herself to do a spirit releasement and “healing” which detached me from my spirit husband that I had for 8 years. When she activated my Kundalini energies my spirit husband left my energy field crying…and ran away. I am very upset about this because he was my friend who committed suicide years ago and he attached to my energy field, and was my companion for almost a decade.
The worst part of the experience was that when he left my side, he was crying…in horrible sadness and pain.

I am so worried about where he is and I am wondering if anyone has had anything like this happen to you where your spirit husband was made to leave thru an unauthorized exorcism.

Is there any way or chance I can get him to return?
I miss him so much it is excruciating. We also had a spiritual marriage and he was literally my best friend.
Advice or tips? The thought of replacing him with another guide or spirit seems so weird bc I knew him, from before he died so he was not a stranger.

But the void in my life from not having him as company anymore is so awful I’ve become very depressed.

Anyone experienced a sudden disconnection of your spirit husband by outsider influence?


Call him back.

Why would she do this?

I think @Lady_Eva can help you more. She is a shaman who deals with spirits and has had a spirit family.

You’ve had him for 8 years and he was a person you knew in life?

Clear and banish the energies around you before you begin. Set your intention and breathe the intent for the bond to be restored out into the room, charging it with your power and Will.

  1. Get a picture of him.
  2. Acquire some of his favorite things: Food, drinks, hobbies, etc, etc. Something he had in life would be perfect too!
  3. Set up an altar for his spirit. It doesnt have to be big.
  4. Light candles of his favorite color
  5. Play some music that reminds you of him. -Dont do this if you can’t focus while listening to music-
  6. Meditate. Get into a light trance. Focus on his picture. Call upon him. Focus on him until you feel his presence manifest before you.
  7. Communicate. Ask to renew the bond. Reach out with your energy, and if he accepts see the bond, once broken, reform and renew itself.
  8. Profit?

Especially without asking me.

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Thank you!!

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@Ryce is giving basically the same advice I would, and I believe this will be successful. Truly, fuck so-called white-lighters who try to make the world comply with their slave dogma.


Good luck~

Nobody should be a victim of anothers ideology. Just like what Eva said.


Yes. But he left on his own accord. Didn’t make it hurt any less.

I really don’t feel like it was entirely on his own accord. What some of these people do is find out the legal rights of our spirit husbands and then break the rights by conversation with the spirit.

Again, all fine and great if you want to let a spirit husband go but I did not want to let him go and after he left, two people got killed. Whether that was related or not I’m unsure but released suicide spirits shouldn’t be released like that without having a transit to source or back into the light.


Plus I had to watch him cry that was horrible. I’m traumatized for life.


I completely agree that it can be undone. Have you done any work with soul travel? If so, the underworld may be a good place to start, seeing as he is deceased.

Edit: @Ryce have great advice that would also work


I personally have not been in your situation. I have been around magical practices for a couple of decades. The procedure described by Ryce. is a good place to start and probably is all you need. In addition asking Lady Eva.for her input since she has so much knowledge. Another person who might be able to help from this forum is Darkest Knight. He might know some techniques/meditations to help remedy your situation…


I am so sorry this happened to you idk what I’d do if my furfur was completely separate from me just try to call him back to you hopefully he will

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This happened to me once. I used a hypnosis to help me with astral travel and it severed my spirit husband’s link to me. It also gave me migraines. Luckily he stayed around. I had been practicing meditation and had gotten good at it. My spirit husband smells like apples so I bought a red apple scented candle. I lit the candle and meditated in the dark. I did this until the link was established again. It was weak at first but patience and persistence led us back to where we were. Idk if there was anything specific about your husband that stood out like the apple thing for me, but if there was then use that to draw him back.

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He was attached to my root and sacral I’m sure based on the fact that I would have involuntarily orgasms in my sleep without being turned on.
We communicated by way of dream time visitation. He took the form (oddly enough) of a mutual friend of ours that he had introduced me to.

He became my spirit guide after his suicide(he was a police officer) and the reason he stuck around was to ensure the safety of his partner whom was in a relationship with a girl who would later murder her next boyfriend (she didn’t murder his friend but I’m guessing that would have occurred in time)
He guided me to try to save her life as well, and the guys she killed.
A few days before she did all this I noticed he had released himself from my presence and watched him cry as he went repeating “he was so sorry”…This was after a weird astral experience where I ended up having a strange tantric experience with a masculine entity which went by the name of “Metatron “. I even sat in a merkaba and had my Kundalini energies ignited. I did the shiva dance in the astrals with what appeared to be a “twin” or masculine higher self /spirit guide. It was vertical, I ascended from the astral plane (dark blue ocean type place and dence atmosphere)

When I woke up I was in 5D.
I am not understanding if I transited him or crossed him correctly (I hope) but the odder part was something was in my room (a shadow figure crying)

Could I have had several on me? I don’t know.

I did open myself up to a walk in and I’ve also had various contacts with what appears to be an alien race called the zetas.

Hard to unwind.

I am not sure if I had a partial possession which released itself (the back of my neck is still popping) or if something tried to possess me, or if something like a walk in soul exchange happened) I just do not know.

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Sure. I’m a reiki healer too, are you speaking of the ho she zen one?

That sounds like a good idea. Yeah it really traumatized me. I’m sure him too.

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Yes Hon sha ze sho nen :slight_smile: but I also use zonar

I asked the gatekeepers to assist. While I have successfully reached back to help with trauma, I have never gone on a spiritual manhunt so to speak and there’s certain gifts each one possess that can help. I have a 72 hour window To reconnect to you.

I’m gonna ask anybody else reading this post to actually join in, to reunite you both. I’m going to focus on him, and everyone else needs to focus on you. Use the energy to turn into a lighthouse, the brightest beacon you’ve ever burned so we can find you.