Green magick

Doing magick doesn’t set you above anyone because most “normies” are getting things done while a handful of practitioners are too busy crying over their ex’s and unable to get a actual job.

I don’t consider myself equal to anyone and if I do it’s a small dime of a few. If someone’s energy stands out to me spiritually i acknowledge their difference among other practitioners but that’s simply their energy, but doing magick as a whole doesn’t make you special. Quite frankly there’s a handful of practitioners who feel at the bottom of the barrel in comparison to non practitioners and practitioners alike.

So I will agree there not everyone is equal and in a spiritual sense some are further along than others, even those who are big names authors often feel less potent energetically than those who aren’t.


What can I say I was blessed with a very healthy sense of confidence
The thing about Winners is you can’t be afraid to lose a lot if you’re going to do something you keep doing it until you succeed

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