Good books on Arabic or Islamic Magick?

If anyone has some good to recommend, I’d very pleased.


Arabic or Islamic Magick is very similar to many western magick traditions in that they originated is around the same place(but lets not get into that) summoning of the djin are a main point and there are also talismans as well and these are considered black magick most of what i could find is mainly prayer to god and the various angels to help.

Anyways i hope i could help you with these, this was a quick search and i bet you could find a lot more if you spend more time looking for info.

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Thanks, Florry, I really appreciate your help!

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I’ve read the two books above and some similar books and I may say they do not represent the entire story if Arabic/ Islamic magick is our main concern. And I may say, for sure this is not the way how Arabs do magick.

Hargrove book is the best one among them though, but still when it comes to the sources of Arabic magick if you even do a short skimming among the basic books you will see there is a lot more to say there. Hargrove book is a good and basic book about Djin magick but it’s a western style ceremonial kind of magick done with Djinns merely, but that’s not how Arabs do magick mostly.

They don’t invoke angels in Arabic magick- that is mainly done in Hebrew magick for example even the new age kind angelic books are all written based on Hebrew accounts generally – their name ends with EL ( similar in Arabic with "İl" but you do not see much sprits ending with "il" in Arabic magick; generally 99% something different based on their names which is important in that magick so basically we may say that they are not angels). That misunderstanding is somewhat based on good intenitions are done by angels but same Khodam may do good or harm. Indeed Angels may do harm too if you are into magick, you’ll know that.

Basically except some parts In Arabic or Islamic magick there is no much place solely for angels or not much truly an angelic evocation. And if you look in Arabic / Islamic Djinn books you will see not much angels except Archangels’ names also or very rare and only some of them but then again they are not also evoked at least for 99 % of the magick.

However even magick is forbidden in Islam, that did not stop people from using it. And also not just Hebrew but also Persian/ Indian occult also had its way into it and especially once in Baghdad, as it was their cultural center at that time, they have created a mix of planetary magick and gematria( called "Abjad" in Arabic) , notariqon ( (you may know AGLA in Hebrew it’s indeed Atah Gibor Le olam Adonai but that is a developed acronym using notariqon ) and temurah ( similar to creating a cipher you change/replace the place of the letters with each other so as to get deeper meaning which is hiding within the words, for example you change A with B or A with Z or any other possible variations) all of that works are based on maths. Years later that has mixed partially with Hebrew and Indian magick and masons via Knights Templar adapted some of its versions too.

They called that science of Arabic / Islamic magick Havass or Ilm- u Khodam or Ilm-u Khotif. Though they are not exatly the same, yet they can be used for similar purposes to mean Arabic/ Islamic magick. What they do basically is to use gematria, and then notariqon and temurah in a way based planetary magick so as to find the “true name of sprit” which will deal with that case. The true name is somewhat important here so that the sprit do as you wish. For the rituals there are specific times some depends on the person, some are not generally the times are divided, like the month and even each hour is divided between good intentions and baneful magick.

The Arabic talismans look similar in a way to Abramelin’s talisman indeed Abramelin’s magick also originates from Egypt and Hebrew sources. The best sources for Arabic talisman magick is the books of Al Buni’s. They are based on Allah 's names as the magick is completely forbidden and only can be done for protective purposes so the Arabic magick in a way evolved to the use of God’s names and the best applications of talismans or similar things are presented mainly in Al Buni’s books. Sure there are baneful or magickal ways of doing things but the process is best explained there.

That magick uses mainly Djinns and especially Khodam.Some says that Khodams are just energy some say they are Djinn Kings’s guard some says they are angelic forms (but not angels) of sprits anyway they are all very powerful entities and they may belong to clans or may use these clans or herds /armies of sprits. Every magick is tailored and you get the name of a specific Khodam for that magick. For example, if you do a love magick for X and Y you get a name of Khodam which will be very different than when you do that love magick for A and B. That may look strange but that is so. there is generally a need to calculate and get the name, and as it depends on birth date, magickal sign again based on gematria (not astrological sign) , temurah etc. and it’s generally a very special names for everyone. Sure sometimes they use some verses from quran too or even in some kind of its reverse form in some baneful activities or without protection as they usually do; but that is not generally the essence of the magick but yes it’s done sometimes (one reason is to get protection against Djinns and indeed mainly against authorities, as magick is forbidden act, and performing it would be very dangerous)

As for some source book of the Real Arabic magick I may recommend

Some of these books are translated some are not ( maybe idk).

These are the source books, however there are many good books which made things easier,like

are good books to have a good foundation to understand what Arabic magick really is especially for the ones who wants to know more :slight_smile:


ZAMRAN, hi, you seem to have a vast knowledge to share about the subject, I’ll search for the lectures you mentioned just like from Florry. I’d like to ask, do you consider the Arabic and also the Islamic magick very complex systems?

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Once you understand the basics nothing is so complex. :slight_smile:

Having said that Arabic magic, has very easy rituals like every kind of magickal system but as you deepen into to the use of Khodams - say Arabic high magick or to the its core - yes, it then becomes kind a complex, having said that use of temurah, notariqon or gematria ( they have different nouns to define that process but it’s the similar or again gematria - as they call it Abjad , it has different versions to be used ).

IMHO,one need a lot of practice and good books.