Good Bind Spells?

Have any of you had good success with binding spells? Currently need to take care of someone whom is threatening my fathers job, I need to bind the guy. Do not want to curse him, just shut him up and make him very confused at work. Its his boss, and I want him to listen to my father and leave him alone.

Any suggestions, I got some ideas, but maybe you all have better ones.

Also any good entities for this type of working?

Call up King Paimon, he can control thoughts. I would suggest that you don’t need to bind the guy just have him think more highly of your dad so as he may keep his job and perhaps get a slight pay increase. Binding seems a step further than what you need which is thought manipulation.
If you really feel it necessary then go ahead but I think my suggestion would suffice for your circumstances.


King Paimon excels in thought manipulation binding as well as anything commerce related

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This one has worked well for me

As for spirits good for binding, there’s one in the mastering evocation, and i think book of azazel, Mehmi’on,
and of course Hecate. I’ve had good success with both in regards to binding.

And i do agree, King Paimon is a very good choice


The real boss is his brother, he is Hasidic Jewish and has a stick up his ass because the brother owns the company. He is always trying to take credit for what my father does. And keeps trying to fuck him over because he does the job better then the brother does. I like my boss very much so I do not want to curse or harm him, but I need him to get confused, make bad decisions, and leave my father alone.

He already knows and has respect for my father, which counter productively causes him to try to fuck him.

If you haven’t called him before then check this out.


Et’liosh in the book of azazel is able to raise raw power to bring forth a manifestation quite quickly his sigil is in the book of azazel i have summoned him in the last few days. He is able to raise raw power to bring forth anything out of nothing and can teach you to do the same.

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