Going full on RHP

LHP only mean you are not shackled by dogma. You’re doing whatever it takes to align with your ideal self. That includes incorporating the tools of demons and so called “black magic”. But these things may not be a necessity for the individual.

If you so choose, you can use the power you gain to manifest wealth or whatever sates your base desires. This is not a goal in and of itself. This is demonstrating that people on this path do not buy into the complete renunciation of the material that is often preached in some RHP traditions. The power to manifest desires is merely a litmus test to make sure the power’s you’ve achieved are actually working and not a mere delusion.

We seem to both want the same things. The distinctions you’ve drawn between the 2 paths is arbitrary.


That is what the ascension is about. Yet it’s always seem to be a difficult journey but one thing is certain there’s also a great joy within and at the end, imo.

As above so below, as @Lady_Eva said, everything is a tool of consciousness and we have to observe both parties of the wings, harmony makes sense.

Good luck to you… :slight_smile:


Jelously scowls at Eva’s good advice and positivity*


Dear magusnegris,

a very highly paid (150 €/hour+ being her minimum charge),
adult consultant,
once told me:

Try to surround you mainly,
with people of opposite view of your own.

That way,
you’ll have constant opportunities,
to grow further,
by exchange with them.

you got my support,
just like Lady Eva already spoke out:

We need more diversity here.

because there’s a good deal of that exchange being blocked,
by “dogma resistance dogma”.


In a sense.

i took from both sides,
but followed none.

So having more insight from the missing part,
definately won’t hurt.

I’m not just wishing you look here.

I litterally WANT to support you,
simply because you show a real great character strength,
just by considering to be focused heavily RHP,
while surrounded by LHP.

In case you haven’t evoked me ever,
i do have a light side aswell,
and actually currently that showed a little bit more.

So in case you’re up for it,
i’d be interested in offering you,
what ever support i can give you for your own development.

don’t pin me down on the next line,

I think,
our RHP section,
and part of the Balg Community (not the company, the community),
actually calls for a good knowledgable leading figure,
for quite a while by now.

There have been tons of people,
being struck by the LHP mindset pushing them away,
and often even stopping their growth,
due to not fitting in.

You might become a shining beacon of Light,
amongst us,
especially to those focusing on Light work / Angelic Magick,
Henoic spellcrafting,

how Lucifer always held his position as the Leader of Hell,
and outer Darkness,
by simply not just being Darkness,
but still carrying his shining and brightness in a way.

Yes his light transmuted,
and became something different.

But still,
for all the Aeons,
Such figures had been desperately needed,
by the grand total.

So without further a do,
I welcome you,
to the RHP focus you decided to take.

And wish you the best of success!


please note,
that you’ve already helped me,
as just the moment i looked into your Incantation,
i imidiantly found use for it.

OH DRATALALIS VIALIS SAGISTRALIS - Lucifer/Amaymon incantation to overcome any obstacle in life

I hereby declare:
i will NOT crumble down any further!
I’ve reached bottom top,
and i’ve teached myself years ago,
how to overcome that,
and built myself back up,
and stronger,
then ever before!

And now,
i’m starting to build and rise again!





Ah, the fine line between capitalism and corporatism.

Anyhow, back to topic, interesting thread. Try it all. I started out in Qabalistically saturated RHP stuff. For me, the intrigue of the dark was just a natural draw over a progression of time, sort of like a pull to the forbidden. But who would want to live where it’s perpetually night? I like sunshine and the smell of sweet flowers as much as I like full moons over spooky forests.


I owe my good focus , being able to connect with demon energy on the first evocation, and great visualisation skills to the RHP teachings ! In my introduction here I said that I’m here because I failed with the RHP but everyday I realize how much easier the Magick has been for me because of that ! I would still say I got more results in the 6 months of being on LHP than I had in 10 years of RHP!


Ya ive noticed it too but it is a balance we must have being alive.
I have had Spirits remind me to care more about the material as i am far more interested in the Spiritual.

Its the best rollercoaster ive ever been on and i think ive honestly reincarnated before jist for the thrill again.

I like where this discussion is going. :slight_smile:
Having been rhp before lhp ive come to this conclusion, personal opinion of course, there is no left and right, there is only Magick.


Yea, FUCK LHP, FUCK RHP. Follow MHP, that’s My Fucking Own Path. Only Sheep go in herds and accept labels given by others.

Lol, Almost got me killed. Still Was Fucking worth IT. :smiling_imp: :joy: :rofl:

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Glad you had fun.

Just dropping some more material for him to work with. :smiley:




But if someone CAN’T manifest $5, or if they have deep block about money, a cheese sandwich, more or less on demand and viable plausible routes, how good is their command of this, our realm?

I also contend that having any kind of fear of the RHP (which I am not accusing @N.M.Ginnarr or anyone here of, just I happen to be replying to you) is its own dogma, insofar as you are only operating in reaction to it, trying to never enter any remotely religious current, instead of rising above and seeing all things as tools for you to use.

Even Belial said something like, to keep trying to be a rebel is its own conformity.

Do what calls to your heart, but make sure to get at least one good mentor, ideally one of the classical gods and ideally either from your own ancestry or from the Egyptian pantheon, to make sure you don’t get lost. :+1:


The crutch of a path and conformity? Do this but wonder about that? Do that but wonder about this? Paradox of what to do or if one or the other is conformity?

Even this LOA seems like a conformity. You don’t need LHP or RHP but just the will to create and manifest your desires, believing they are attained and it will be; so say LOA. Focussing on the negative attracts that, focussing in this attracts this, focus on that atteacts that… so it says.

Is there Law of Opposition where you focus on the opposite of the desire or rather the opposite ALWAYS manifests? I don’t hear of that butit sounds like a curse.

Kamic debts and reincarnation is to be avoided thus the idea of becoming a God? Seems energy is energy and its GOD-like able to manifest anything.

And what of agendas? After my experiences with a witch family or w/e it seems everyone has agendas.

Does one really need another to manifest their desires?

And thinking on venal, fleeting, decaying desires of earth; why? Why manifest decaying ideals in the meatsuit? If energy is eternal it seems like its a hell since there is NO destination. I seriously doubt one can ever be more than what they are. By that i mean no matter how weak or powerful or kniwledgeable you will only be you. Comparing you to say another in a lame power-slave rollercoaster seems a waste of time. In that typeof comparison you will always be lesser than some and greater than some but NEVER an absolute on the polarity scale.

Seems existence is just a pointless ride that goes nowhere. No accomplishment means much except to the individual. Another will look at it with disdain as most, awe in some ways, or just ignore your accomplishments since they are trivial to the individual.

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Unless if I’m misreading, not that good. The point was minor stepping stones do not equate to the end goal.

I agree. There is power in everything.


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'Maybe, it’s a matter of how you conduct yourself,

Sorry, i had issues reading your words,
they’re written well,
but mentally you’re in a spot i don’t want to go to / access right now.

I hope you find more then just simple nihilism for yourself.

Blessed be.




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It isnt entirely nihilism. One should consider the big why? If anything can be simply rearranged to a near erasure (i think on reincarnation here) or are absorbed (any heaven nde experience), or is eternally xyz then wht’s the point. Boredom will set in. Infinity, eternity, etc. on one side its feeding a never ending desire like a druggy fix and on the other its too much that one has to like a hoarder and gets very bored (which is also like a druggy as the “stuff” isnt working for you).

I start to think that 2+ creates hell and 1 is the only answer but that isnt much since boredom sets in again.

There is nothing that can be satisfied. You’ll always want more. Anything and everything seems more empty than what it really is.

Guess maybe it is nihilism. Oh well.

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Yeah but now you articulated yourself more understandable.

And, while questioning and viewing it from a different standing point,
you already figured out the core issue you’re worried about:


that can be answered.

For example,
you can turn that question around,

If Boredom is my main concern,
then what does actually engage me,
in good and positive ways,
and how can i get more of that,
into my regluar,
daily life.

See for reference:

Also - If working with Demons is an Option for you,
have a conversation with Belphegor - the demon of Sloth (lazyness),
about it.

His Sigil:


Special Note:
Tim Ferriss is one of the most intelligent people on earth currently,
having artificially boosted his IQ,
by using special Medicine,
Meditation under the careful control and watch of Doctors,
monitoring his specific Brain Frequencies and mechanisms.

I utilized some of his methods,
and they’re very effective.

At some point,
he touched the critical spot,
where if he’d pushed further,
for bigger IQ numbers,
he’d melted his brain and destroyed his achievments,
turning himself into brain-vegatables.

So he’s basically reached the sweat-spot,
of his maximum mental capacity.

I personally identified that same spot by myself,
prior to creating the Devil Gene,
and i think only that gene,
will allow me to push further.

quite frankly,
currently i have no need to do.

There’s other fields and endevors being more importend to me currently.

But definately,
even if all those video’s might bore you,
or not feel good to watch,
take the time,
and set up a reminder,
to watch his video at least a secound and third time.

You’ll be astonished,
how much you missed from the first time seeing,
compared to third run through.



Life and goals or boredom is one thing; death and possible eternity is another. I see no verifiable evidence on anyone or from anyone that can confirm “aware energy” and its motivations or activities across the doorway of death.

All that we do in the living has little bearing in the infite. In fact, what’s stopping that collective energy from just diffusing in the giant eternal everything. Drop a single drop of water color into a swimming pool and where is all that concentrated color…? Drop a drop into a river or ocean and its less so.

I really don’t believe anyone has a grasp on eternity/infinity but just lazily say they do understand it in all its entirety. Entire eternity? But it has no beginning nor ending so entire what?

Wishful thinking that one will be the same but that coalesced current of a human body now will die, rot, and dissolve. I don’t see much in evidence that awareness doesn’t also just dissolve or cone to an abrubt end. Wishful thinking for fear of loss. When one continually loses from loss the “great loss” becomes very meh.

The human mind wanders much and maintaining a continual single thought without interruption is highly improbable.

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I think,
i’ve seen before,
what you’re trying to emphezise about,
and i honestly have to doubt,
wether you even belong into my presence!

requires effort from both,
the teacher
and the student.

But if you’re mind,
simply can not grasp,
the concept,
of things beyond your current programming,
i shall let you crumble upon your own conclusions.

  • just for conclusion:
    The teachings are there.
    They’re explained in rational,
    and understandable ways.

But none of us can,
or will,
walk you through that gate.

It’s your choice,
and your choice only,
if you dare to grasp the deeper meanings.

As long,
as you decide to remind blind,
none of us,
will take that burden for you.

So stay,
in your blissful ignorance,
and enjoy the rest of your incarnation.

so indeed,
it really is,
up to you.
Whether you see and understand the mechanics,
or simply sit in front of something,
that completely withdraws from your understanding.

IF you dare,
to seek the answer,
to that question,
you’ve asked…

There’s an Entity,
that can actually teach,
to overcome your human mind,
your current understanding of time,
and scopes and scales.

But i highly doubt,
you’d understand anything,
without going through at least some training,

You’d probably just find yourself in a mental hospital,
from trying to withstand its presence.

That being,
is Aeon,
but talk to Aeon yourself,
if you dare to.



Maybe a lesser form,
of that Deity,
is more apropriate to your current grade of development:


  • A time Travel Serviator.
    That one,
    should be on a scale most advanced magicians can handle.

Towards original OP,

Sorry for this derailing of your Topic.

In case you’re finding this side conversation annoying,
please make a short note about it.



Maybe if i make a thread on the Law of Opposition Lady Eva can move such posts to that instead of further derailment. I’ll make the thread as i’d like to respond.

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I apriciate your dignity.

Simply Tag me by writing @Yberioth,
in the new Topic.