Glasya Labolas excellent teacher

Reading a little more information on Glasya Labolas or widely known as Labolas has yielded some interesting results. The Encyclopedia of Demons states that Labolas is an Earl, a Duke, and a King of Hell. Throughout everything I read it all states he is an excellent teacher. The goetia states that he can teach all arts and sciences instantly. What I found most interesting about this was the instantly part. Which makes me think that other demons don’t teach information instantly or hand it over instantaneously. After a slight amount of meditation I asked him without doing a proper evocation about what the goetia means by instantly. I thought or he told me, he will implant the information you seek into your subconscious mind and it will later be accessible to you via meditation/concentration. What do you guys think about Labolas?


The first and to be honest only true time I was I felt a true presence and thickening of the air and knew I was not alone in the room was with him. I like you at this time was seeking wisdom and knowledge of these arts- not baneful acts against my enemies as he is so much well known for. He was there- I felt it in the air and the tingle on my face. I bear his sigil on a necklace- I felt
compelled to do so- as if instructed which I do


Also I just posted an inquiry as to if anyone else has read the anthology 2 glaysa in prison article and I won’t spoil it but it was a little eye opening to say the least and I ain’t talking about the vengeance part


Do you have any more information about him?

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I recently started doing rituals. I have done several types of magic, but mostly candle magic. I have had nothing but success with candles, I did the evocation for Glasa-Labolas with 4 candles either 6 or 8" taper, whatever size was at my local occult shop. They were high quality same color through center, 2 yellow 2 orange. I carved sigil, wrote name, and his numbers on candles. Candles were placed n,s,e,west on seal with sigil. Performed in daylight. Results outstanding i called name three times said aloud his enns commonly found. Results were strong. Things moved the candles were talking and the candles the wax has melted leaving shape of the images the entities are known to take i have pics they are amazing. Anyone who says the goetia demons are b.s is full of b.s, and they aint in your head they are real very real. I am new. Prbably doin things wrong. Still got amazing results. Period


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I have worked with Glasya-Labolas quite intensively in the past year. He excels at Baneful Magick and enemy work. He is my go to for such persistent and ongoing problems now.

He does enjoy his fires and car collisions to targets as his favourite ways to dispose of them. I consider Glasya a ‘friend’ now in regards to approaching him (with great respect of course. I often give him offerings and gifts for his work and also teachings.


What are the things that I can offer him? (Drinks, treats, etc?)

Can I summon Glasya labolas in day time when sun is out but covered in clouds. Weather is BS where is stay.

And should I burn my petition paper with enemies name on it before bidding the spirits farewell or after ?

I dont burn my petition paper till I get my result. I burn it after I do gratitude ritual to spirits who helped me.

Thank you.