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I was able to pull together a job, but as a nineteen year old trying to move out, I need more. What can I do to get all I need to live comfortably and and dedicate most of my time to study? Im looking to not need a job if possible, I hate smiling at costumers and bosses, all the “yes boss” and " how can I help?". Is it so much to ask to just study and sleep all day? help, thx.

That all depends on what country your in, many have welfare that i’m sure would be very accommodating to that, so shop around. :money_mouth:

Or you could look for a sugar daddy/momma, i don’t judge. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or you can give up the comfortably part and live on the street, might be a little hard to study some things but you can definitely sleep all day. :sleeping:

Or you could always sell drugs, and even when you get caught, you can still study and sleep all day, JUST DON’T DROP THE SOAP! :flushed:

Now that i’m done being a ridiculous smartass, I have to ask what are you studying? A trade? School? Magick? If you can be a little more specific with it, i can give you a more specific answer, at nineteen years old, your going to have a few shit jobs starting out on your own even using magick, sucks but that’s just the way it is.

im studying mostly magick. Also psycoligy, economics and busness, possibly law and genetics too. And maby basic spelling.


Ain’t it funny how all these are becoming closer and closer to the samething?

I recommend you start working heavily everyday with the demon Halah’thor from the book of Azazel, i think you will find what your looking for with him.


thank you.

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Best way to do this is to predict or to get clearvision about sport gambling. For 2 bucks u can buy a accu ticket and win 100 000 but u need to know who will win :slight_smile:

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Yes it is too much to ask …

Life is work. Magick is work.

If you feel it is beneath you to interact with humans then you have no hope of surviving the graces and court behavior of the Dark Gods.

The only way to have a charmed life as a mage is to reincarnate. Do the work in one life and realize you wisdom and powers at a very young age in the next.


This is gonna sound trite, but learn a trade. Most trades leave your mind relatively free to think, and they ALWAYS generate jobs. Its easier for your request for money to be fulfilled if there’s something you can do to balance the system.

And by “trade,” I’m talking about blue-collar jobs- machining, carpentry, construction, etc. I am a machinist by trade, and I have not been without a job for a decade, and I have ALWAYS had other job offers available


Look in tis college,get grants in America,have summer off, to study magic u need time dedication, plus a part time for any expenses which come up often, also chk essoteric stores, where u can donate u time as a reader, or something, plus do a lot of magic, like meet a rich,girl,wowen.etc I post tat ling time, it’s not easy doing magic. Full time.peopls will scam you.or left you short on books,talismans,pens, if u can have $300 in stock for magic supplies go for, but work a part time. Get a website offer u magical services is a win prize in stores, and practice, practice.verse in all the magic u can.and u will success,.

Work for what you want.Magick black Magick respectively will help you.Make up your own 'get rich quick’ritual &youll have do need to work in life though as well&rely on yourself to achieve this then you wont be subordinate,subservient or dependent on anyone else.if youre a man don’t look for females to financially support can do it.burn lots of black candles in glass.for money start with a green candle dress it in virgin olive oil &put clove spice all over it.use a demonic sigil you can relate to & you may use your own blood as an offering or incense.Good luck!thank you for allowing my guidance.Raquel

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