Free Tarot CLOSED

Thank you kindly for the reminder. I will do so now.

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ok now this thread is closed definetly, can someone close it please

EVERYONE :slight_smile:

Change of plans! all the people above this comment of mine, that i did not get, shoot me a question in pm, within the parameters of the rules above, the only question i will not answer is based on personal relationship with a specific Being.

I will try to get to everyone in time, and apoligise in advance to those i may miss.

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Pm and thank you in advance!

all of yall above please send me the questions and all below this comment, thread is closed now, thank you, i will not take any more requests




ok guys, due having had issues last night i need to deal with health wise, it was unprecedented, but I cannot Read for people right now because I need to take care of my health, thank you again, sorry for the inconvenience, I got to who i could.

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