-Free- Rune Projections

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Hey BALGers, I’ve only recently gotten caught up in my own affairs to focus on the next bit of growth aiming outward. While taking care of boring, mundane stuff I’ve also really been hitting my basics hard (meditation, visualization, energy work) and now I’m going to put myself to the test on something new before I move on to what comes next!

I plan on inflicting three pitiful guinea pigs - er, blessing three lucky beneficiaries - with a “projection”, for lack of a better term, of a choice Norse Rune into their life.

I make -no- claims on being an “expert” on the runes, far from it - they’re simply to huge, too universal to be grasped in the short amount of time I’ve spent with them - hell, several lifetimes may not be enough to uncover -all- those mysteries. What I can promise in terms of qualification is that I spent 120 days working through the whole Futhark, five days at a time for each rune, not just meditating on them but invoking their very energies into shaping those parts of my life, and yes, under the guidance of Odin (the mythical discoverer of the runes), I ended up making some sacrifices to further my knowledge of them.

That said, this gives me a tremendous respect for the primal -power- of the runes, so here’s where the conditions come in (I know, this guy wants to lay out -conditions- for taking his free offer? But I’m sure someone will be interested):

  1. Just because I’m offering this to ‘anyone’ and I may really want to do this to help you out, I insist on performing a separate divination on whether or not it is -wise- to channel the power of a rune into your life at this given time. I will share the readings (a rune draw for what’s relevant to your situation, and an independent tarot reading just to be sure) with you in full, so please don’t be too bummed if the rune draw is just something to shape your thoughts and actions but sending the rune’s power into your life would upset things more than it’s worth.

  2. Because this is going to be pretty involved, I’m going to initially limit this to three people more or less: this leaves me room for any others that I owe a return favour or just really dig their posts and learn a lot from them. But because this isn’t so much who I -want- to work for as it is who the readings say I -should- or should not do this for in this instance, by all means anyone who’s interested chime in here and I will, as quickly as I can get to it, at least do the readings so that even if there’s not room for me to do the projection for you, you can still get the guidance on which is appropriate to bear in mind.

  3. I need feedback, how else will I know how to improve my technique? If you don’t feel like posting it publicly, fine, I just need the commitment from you that you’ll keep me updated on anything that has any bearing on the situation after, say, seven days. Believe me, even if just one person is interested in this and has a positive initial reading, I’ll be way more invested as far as time and effort goes.

  4. There may or may not be additional things to keep in mind, depending on that initial reading.

So yeah, I hope someone feels up to letting me test out something I haven’t tried before for other people. As long as you respect their power, the runes can really make a difference where you need it most! I think I got down everything I intended to here, but of course ask away with any questions you might have and I can try to make things a little clearer. Just keep in mind that each of these will most likely be a highly individual working. I look forward to testing myself in this way, and thanks in advance to anyone who takes me up on this!


I am interested, if you’ll have me as a vict…er…guinea pig :slight_smile:

Why not both? 0:)

If you have a specific situation you want to direct a rune toward, please PM me when convenient. If you just want a reading on which rune has a particular bearing for you right now and whether it should be ‘projected’ to you, just let me know and I’ll take it from here!

Room for one more?

Hell yeah, Shadow.

Excellently argued point, mtdlorde - wait, who the hell are you?

For everyone else, I’ve got my three, DarkestKnight, SinisterShadow, and one other who contacted me outside this thread. This is going to require some work on my end for the next few days, so this is about as many as I’m willing to take on for now, assuming the readings are positive for all three. I hope to have all the readings done by the end of the day, and then spend the next few on the actual work!

Thanks for subjecting yourselves to this experiment guys, I will send your readings via PM, wait to hear back from you afterward, and then go ahead with sending those runes’ energies your way.

Take care,

Two readings and one projection down, a reading and one or two (pending approval of the reading results) projections left to go!

This is great so far, getting the extra practice in on others’ behalf is -really- ironing out even more traces of my old skeptical doubts because when you do this much magick, the “coincidences” no longer remain with the realm of -healthy- skepticism!

Thanks again guys for letting me practice on you (muahahaha!), SinisterShadow you are next once I’m recharged and ready to do this again. I would also like here to publicly thank and give due credit to Odin for mentoring me in the runes, and Balam for inspiring me progress in divination and a magickal view of reality as a whole.

I would be down for this as your number three, unless someone privately pmed you and took the spot.

The three spots are already taken. I would be more than willing to to work one for you, too, after all the guidance and advice you’ve given me without asking anything in return. It’ll just be a few days, because work is fucking me over for sleep this week!

If you want, pm me a particular aim or goal to draw a rune for, or if you don’t have a specific one I can draw for the rune that -wants- to be sent at you (yes, I ascribe the runes something kind of like ‘intelligence’, or at least Purpose).

Awesome thank you. I wasn’t sure if the three spots had been taken yet. No rush, I know how mundane life can kick ones ass from time to time.

I have also found that the runes have a type of intelligence all their own. Not quite a spirit but very much like a spirit.

I didn’t have a specific goal in mind for the projection, so the rune that chose itself for my life was Sowilo. This was very interesting to me, as I’m not a very solar oriented person. I am more drawn to the darkness, so I was very intrigued. Claidheam’s tarot reading confirmed that there would be a very positive effect for me, while the only negative would come from myself: my old nemesis, worry.

While there haven’t been any flashes of universal enlightenment or knowledge, I have found my mood far more upbeat than usual. I also find myself more willing to make decisions in regards to the direction of my life. My current job is in a call centre, and it is a depressing place to work, dealing with callers who are angry and abusive, but I find myself committed to walking away, even though I don’t have another job lined up. I realize it is not where I want to be, and that I don’t have to put up with the crap just for the sake of money. I’ve come to understand, not just intellectually but an inward knowing, that I can decide what I will allow into my life. I’m also making plans in regards to my Ascent, and my natural creativity has been sparked at a higher level. So far, I’d say the projection was a success!

That’s great to hear, DarkestKnight! So, Sowilo cropped up for another person besides you, and with a different purpose and inflection in each instance. For you, it was exactly this subtle, “undramatic”, kind of natural-process infusion of energy like sunlight. For the other it’s the fiery regality of the Sun’s position in our (Solar) system that’s moving things more directly. But for both the main feel is of the solar-feminine that balances out the lunar-masculine in Norse and Celtic tradition.

This has Sowilo written all over it, and I thank you again for braving this offer, and only ask that you continue to be receptive to this rune’s work on your behalf!

I just wanted to pop in and commend Claidheam on his divination skills and his judicious wisdom. He pulled a rune for me and then did a reading. He saw that the runes would actually not have a positive outcome on my life if cast, but instead had a message for me.

I know that is not what he wanted to see, I mean casting runes and working magic is fun. And to be told “No, you shouldn’t.” Is tough, especially for magicians who are used to fashioning our own fates.

Claidheam instead gave me the message he found in his reading, which has a lot of significance to my current situation.

I was also doing a reading for a friend at time and both Claidheam and I had “Owls” figure prominently in our readings, so yay for synchronicity lol.

It takes a lot of wisdom and maturity to recognize when a situation just has to play itself out, and I commend Claidheam for that.

Well the decision was yours, I just did the reading - thank you for the compliment though, it means a lot coming from you.

Just because the rune didn’t need to be projected full force into your life doesn’t mean that it didn’t have a pertinent message to get across, and I’m very glad to see you got what you needed out of it.

Hopefully the same goes for the other three who did have runic energy sent their way. One way or another, exciting things are soon to be afoot, either a moving on to the next goal or tweaking the technique on this one.

Thanks again to everyone who volunteered!

im learning about the runes at the moment my self. what im wondering is how do you project runes?

Depends on the rune. I really recommend doing this after a good introductory pathworking with the runes, because it really helps to be very familiar with them, and that’ll guide you in how to personalize for each rune. I did five days per rune in order for my meet-the-runes pathworking, and tried to have a good meditation on each rune five times a day. Quite a commitment, and taking -that- long isn’t necessary, although I’ll be pedantic here and opine that a lifetime wouldn’t reveal all their secrets!

But you’re looking for an introduction so you can start working, not a lifetime I imagine. At least 1-3 days per rune is what I would honestly recommend, depending on how deep you want to go into it. During the introductory meditations I relaxed, tranced out, gazed at the runestone, and “pulled” its energy into my life for that period of days, then remained open to observing its influence, paying attention to my dreams, and learning firsthand about its nature. So, albeit briefly for five days each, after this time I knew the runes because I had in a very real way lived through each of them.

I say this not as a chance to go all biographical on you but to establish where I’m coming from with my runework, why with each rune I pull on very personal experience and I believe each rune worker will need to have that experience for themself. That’s what I believe, anyway. Also about halfway through Hagall’s Aett I established my relationship with Odin the Runelord, which definitely accelerated my understanding through what became a very rough ride around the whole rune-circle. Some of those signs are just as awe-inspiringly destructive as any other natural phenomenon. When I’ve scrounged through the forum for it, I’ll edit in a link here to Orismen’s depiction of his runic approach too, he also really knows what he’s talking about here.

So with that out of the way, what I actually did here was use my personal intimacy with the runes to inform the circumstances of my ritual.

For example, projecting Sowilo involved drawing the rune on a slip of paper, drawing open all the curtains in my house to allow in the maximum amount of sunlight, and first letting the drawn rune sit in a well-lit area for some time while the house began to fill with sunlight and the sunlight’s particular energy. Towards the end of this “charging time” I went to my ritual room, swept up around the altar to Odin where I perform my rune work, and got a couple of candles burning to add the component of flame.

I retrieved the rune I had drawn, set it on the altar between the candles, and topped off Odin’s glass with some homemade mead while exchanging cordial words. Then I began dropping into a light trance while visualizing the energy of the sunlight in the room being drawn into the horn of mead still in my hands. When I and the mead were fully “there”, I began kind of singing out “Sowilo” in a very drawn-out way, every once in awhile raising the horn of mead to the alfar (the “white”) spirits around me and then drinking some of the “solar-charged” mead.

By the time all of the mead was consumed I was both very deep into the trance and very full of solar energy (and tasty homemade alcohol haha). The flames were behaving suspiciously as they always do during rituals that are “working”, and I began gazing at the drawn rune just as I would a sigil to be opened, and when it activated I not only became aware of its familiar energy but began “pushing” into the piece of paper all the solar energy that had been gathering thus far. Also into this “cauldron” I poured my associations of the person I was projecting this example rune to, and my intent for the rune in their life. Very like a sigil. When this was done, I kept my focus on this person, sent the rune’s energy their way, and closed by committing the drawn rune and paper to the flames, extinguishing the candles, thanking the Allfather and the alfar, and pouring more mead for each party to leave out for awhile.

Please let me know if all those tangents still left you with any questions, haha. And yes. I convert sunlight into energy! I am…a Plant!!!

EDIT - Here is that thread of Orismen’s: http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/new-magician-help/basic-rune-tutorial/

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In the Norse mythology the Runes are the gods of the gods, and to master them is a lifetime of work. But that does not mean that it isn’t worth it.

I would like to ask if you made your own set of rules?

“…the Runes are the gods of the gods…”

Would mind narrowing down where you found that, please?

If you meant to ask if I made my own set of runes, no, I was just getting to the occult seriously, I wasn’t even sure whether this stuff was even going to work! But I wanted to give it an honest try.

I bought a probably $5 set of rune stones carved into hematite, now I’m all about making a lot of my implements but that was my first step back then. I then spent five days per rune, meditating on each rune five times a day when I could, and observing how each rune would present itself in my life for those five days. That was my brief introduction, and since then it’s been a learning and experimenting process, and I have highly valued the wisdom of Odin as an example, mentor, and friend.

If you were actually asking if I made my own set of rules, could you clarify what you mean by that?

If u ever decide to do another projection I would love a spot!

Most people I know of who start with the runes usually get a set already made (myself included) but when they stick with then and feel that deep connection they usually end up making their own set of runes to have a deeper connection with them.

I forgot where I heard that the times are the gods of the gods, but when I heard it explained it kinda just made sense. I will try and find it to post here.

I do know it was and is mentioned a few times in the videos on The Northern Runes Radio YouTube channel.

Also I am using my phone to type this all. So it changes runes to rules for some reason.

And I really want to do this! I feel like even though that first pathworking was an initiation of sorts, this is not the kind of thing where you just sit on that knowledge contently. I can see a lot of wisdom in re-visiting the runes in more depth, and making my own from out of Nature around me - and Odin agrees!

And yeah, autocorrect is from the devil. Personally, I prefer rock and roll.

vprotas my literal and figurative hands are absolutely laden with what’s going down in my life right now, but hey, if you’re around when i get this all sorted out I definitely want to ask the mods here about offering a few free services very briefly (and I don’t do anything like this for money the rest of the time anyway) as a kind of celebration. If it works out, I will certainly message you in case you’re still around!