FREE Demonic Astrology! Find your Patron demon! (Limited Seats)


Oh i am definetely interested. Is this still open?

Is this still open I’m definitely interested?

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Is it still open?


me please

Hey! I’d love to have that reading. PLEASE!

If this is still going on, I would like a place in it!

Damn, I would have loved to participate in this but it looks like all of the seats are full. If you change your mind @MorpheusDarkson let me know.

Let me know if you’re still doing it, I’m definetly interesed!

Me, please

Am I in?

I would love one please

Hi good idea
Please add me to the group
Thanks in advance

Hi there! One for me please!

If you will offer this again, add me up please.

May i?

Haha you basically asked for it :smiley:

Might consider your service after you’ve released it. Sounds intriguing!

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Hello can I?

Me pls